What’s Happening With The Royal Family

Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah in Santa Barbara County California on March 7th, 2021- Photo Courtesy of Harpo Productions

With Prince Phillip passing away, and Meghan and Harry getting kicked out of the royal family, a lot has been going on. They have been incredibly busy dealing with increasing personal matters seemingly at once. There has been downsizing, making their circle smaller, recently; the departure of Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, the loss of Philip and the exile of Andrew. The ties with Jeffrey Epstein, have caused Andrew’s reason to leave. Before that, he was suspended from his public duties, which was a result of having sexual allegations against sexual abuse. Plus, the unfortunate passing of Prince Philip, leaving Queen Elizabeth to face the rest of her life alone, as Charles guides the royal family. This leaves the royal family short of people, meaning more tasks for less people. There are many events, making it difficult to do things. Now Prince Charles is left with more duties than ever, because he is taking over some of the Queen’s obligations. Because she is 95, and experiencing stiffness in her knees, she has decided she won’t be attending anymore meetings, or get-togethers such as garden parties, although she has gone back to work after her husband's death. Charles has been going to ceremonies, and overseas trips. He will accompany her to the state of the opening of the Parliament in May. In the house of Windsor, the royal family has shown urgency to Charles, the heir.

Queen Elizabeth sitting alone at her husband, Prince Philip’s funeral, April 17th in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Many challenges are yet to come for Charles, as what happens when someone inherits the responsibilities of the royal family. He has slimmed down the monarchy, to only a few people, but reconciling the family’s workload with it’s reduced ranks might be the biggest challenge for him. The decision of Meghan and Harry withdrawing, and Andrew leaving, has messed with these plans. There are many events, and less people in the royal family, making it difficult to do things, as compared to what it was like before. This now comes to do with funds. The royal family will have to scale back from charities, like they usually do. Experts say, the modern royal family has defined itself and justified its taxpayer support largely through its public works. People with ties to the royal family have suggested that elevating another royal couple, like Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, would fix the workload issue. Charles has added workload, as the family scales back due to multiple factors, such as COVID, and Prince Philip.

Adding on to Philip’s death, and Charles taking over, the upbringing of racism has become the cherry on top. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had an interview with Oprah about racist claims. Oprah said she didn’t know how candid Meghan would be going into the discussion. She was surprised at not only how much Meghan shared, but also how candid Harry and her were with the issues they were having with the royal family. The lack of support, and understanding of the royal family took a toll on their mental health, Harry explains. Markle claims while in her time with the royal family she felt suicidal. “I didn’t want to be alive anymore,” Meghan says in an interview with Oprah. Director of public opinion, Joe Twyman, said, “Generally speaking, support of the monarchy, and support for the Queen correlate.” The Queen, unlike most people in the royal family, doesn’t give her opinion on many things, and is quiet most of the time. The couple has stepped down from the royal family and has relocated to California, hoping the move will be a good change. With all of the events happening in the royal family, the royal family has been struggling with issues that have elevated recently.

- Megan Carey '23