Wacky Laws

You wouldn't believe these are laws!

Funny road signs that lead to even funnier laws

Some things you may think are ridiculous laws, are still laws. Riding a horse intoxicated, buying a car on a Sunday, having tall dandelions in Pueblo, kissing sleeping women, all illegal in Colorado. Criminal charges could even take place with these laws; Why would these be laws in Colorado when they’re that unbelievable and weird? First law; riding a horse intoxicated. “Colorado has a prohibition against riding animals drunk on their roads, other than a DUI. Colorado DUI statutes state that it's a violation of the law for a person to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” stated by horseracingsense.com self explanatory, it would be dangerous and scary. Riding a horse from the start can be scary for many people but, being intoxicated? Many people probably don't consider or think about riding a horse while intoxicated but apparently some people have thought about this or tried. This is definitely one of the more understandable laws out of these wacky laws. As many have argued, Horses shouldn’t be used as motor vehicles. A man had been arrested for riding a horse while drunk on a major highway in CU. This happened in 2013 and has been a stated law since then. Another unusual law, tall dandelions are something everyone has enjoyed playing with throughout their lifetime. In Pueblo, Colorado, dandelions or weeds that are over 10 inches are prohibited and could get you sent to jail. According to section 7-4-2 in librarymunicode.com, “It shall be unlawful for any owner of land to permit weeds in excess of ten (10) inches in height to grow, lie or be located upon such land. It shall be unlawful for the owner of land not to cut, destroy or remove from such land all weeds in excess of ten (10) inches in height.” If you're trying to buy a car on a Sunday, you could risk getting arrested! This law was put into place during 2013 and has stayed that way since then. A person trying to buy themselves a car during a Sunday could get arrested and a business owner selling someone a car during a Sunday could get arrested as well. According to JustiaUSlaw.com, “No person, firm, or corporation, whether owner, proprietor, agent, or employee, shall keep open, operate, or assist in keeping open or operating any place or premises or residences, whether open or closed, for the purpose of selling, bartering, or exchanging or offering for sale, barter, or exchange any motor vehicle, whether new, used, or secondhand, on the first day of the week commonly called Sunday”. Researching other states laws have also been very interesting, there are laws everywhere that just don't make sense. You could either get sentenced to jail time, community service or ticketed.

-Story by Sophia Rappucci '23