Vaccination For Teenagers

With Covid-19 vaccinations becoming available to the public, there are priorities regarding who gets access to the vaccination first within our population. Since the vaccination was released, to now, the individuals who are able to receive the vaccination consist of, first responders, people with certain health conditions, and elderly people (60 and up as of now). The CDC needed to limit this vaccination from release because of the amount of supply, but also the safety and priority. These certain people needed to be the least prone to the virus because of their part in society and their current conditions. That is why this select collection of groups were chosen to receive the vaccination first. The CDC announced that there were three different vaccinations made and distributed to fight Covid-19. (All three of these vaccines were authorized and recommended). There is the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the Moderna vaccine, and the Johnson & Johnson / Janssen vaccine. According to, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been in use in the country since December and are recommended and safe. Those two vaccines “..are made using messenger RNA, or mRNA, a technology that delivers a bit of genetic code to cells — in effect, a recipe to make the surface protein (known as spike) on the SARS-2 virus. The proteins made with the mRNA instructions activate the immune system, teaching it to see the spike protein as foreign and develop antibodies and other immunity weapons with which to fight it. On the other hand, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, AKA known as the Janssen vaccine, was newly developed and was used for emergency breakouts spread among the country. This specific vaccine..uses a different approach to instruct human cells to make the SARS-2 spike protein, which then triggers an immune response. It is what’s known as a viral vectored vaccine. A harmless adenovirus — from a large family of viruses, some of which cause common colds — has been engineered to carry the genetic code for the

SARS-2 spike protein. Once the adenovirus enters cells, they use that code to make spike proteins.” All these vaccines are available to those who are authorized and are able to be vaccinated. Since the vaccinations are limited at the moment, the big question is when will teenagers and underage people. Vaccinations are limited at the moment but as we

be able to receive the vaccination move along, in the near future, teens will be able to

if offered. Although each state has be vaccinated. Photo Courtesy :

their own procedures and ways of distributing the vaccines, the majority of the U.S will allow teens and underage citizens to receive the vaccinations by mid to late 2021 according to the CDC. This prediction does have some barriers that citizens will have to adapt to when the time comes. According to health officials, when the vaccination is available to younger age groups, they will most likely receive the Pfizer vaccine because as of now, that specific vaccination has already been authorized for younger age groups. Of course circumstances will change per individual. Health officials and vaccination centers are trying their hardest to distribute the vaccines to every group in the U.S and hope to get our everyday lives back to how it was before the pandemic.

- Story by Dillion Herman '22