Ultimate Frisbee

Ever wondered what the first club at Chaparral was? Surprisingly, it was Ultimate Frisbee. Everyone at Chaparral high school knows the Librarian, Damon Larson. He is actually the man who created the club. “It was started the very first day of school at Chap, when they opened the doors back in 1997, by Mr. Larson and a math teacher named Brett Crock” stated the Ultimate sponsor David Ward. Ultimate meets every Tuesday we have school from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Before attending Ultimate last Tuesday, what was to be expected came as a total surprise. Ward explained that “The game is kind of like a blend of football, soccer, and basketball, but with a disc. For instance, you pass the disc downfield from player to player like in soccer, and the play goes back and forth like in soccer--in other words, if the disc is dropped, it immediately becomes the possession of the other team, which can advance the disc immediately in the other direction (like soccer). However, you score in an end zone like in football, instead of a goal. And when you catch the disc you can't run with it--you have to pivot, like in basketball. Those are the basics.” He really helped everyone fit in and was very including. Ward mentioned that his favorite part of the club is the relationships he is able to build with others over the weeks. When asked who the best regular is at Ultimate, Ward was humble concluding that he couldn’t ever answer that because each player has different skills. “Some are better at catching, some are better at throwing, while others excel at defense. So it's a really hard question to answer. I want to be fair to everybody and recognize everyone's skills.” He explains. Another positive thing I learned at Ultimate is that it’s free! It was a great time meeting new people and learning a new activity all for free. Just show up and play, the team will be happy to show you how it’s done. There is no experience required to have a great time while getting one heck of a workout.

Story by Addie Almeida and Reagan Taylor

Photo by Reagan Taylor

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