Trump Returns To Social Media?

Twitter bans Trump for his actions in the attack on the Capitol

Just six days into 2021 Trump supporters attacked the capitol after Biden won the 2021 election. Trump had a miss leading talk with his supporters. No one truly knows if Trump intended his supporters to attack the capitol but it sure did seem like it. Trump even stated that everyone take a walk down to the capitol, so that's when everyone started going full force down the streets to the capitol.

Smashing glass doors and shattering windows, even going as far as beating a cop to death for just trying to do his job. Once they made it in, many took horrifying pictures with their guns, knives, and zip ties. For being a “non planned” attack it sure did look planned. Since many came prepared with zip ties it made the FBI assume they were planning on taking hostages meaning that it was a planned attack.

Riot at the Capitol in Washington D.C

Hours after the attack Trump came out with a video *attempting* to get his supporters that were attacking to basically stop. But he did not once tell them that what they were doing was wrong or that it was his fault. The video was uploaded to twitter and twitter took it down within minutes because it was only going to make it worse. What left many people confused was that the president has the power to intercept peoples phones and tvs, so why did he have to go straight to social media?

Shortly after the FBI started looking in to the people that took the horrifying pictures. The FBI made the connection that those people in the pictures were all using the same app called Parler. The app is used to talk to other supporters about conspiracy theories. The Parler app was also to secretly and anonymously talk back and forth about planning the attack on the capital. Since then Apple removed the app from their app store and there's little to no trace of the app at all.

Like Apple many social media companies started banning Trump from social media. After the video he posted on twitter about the attack was posted, twitter suspended his account for a week. Not too long after twitter completely banned him from their platform permanently. Soon after twitter did that many other platforms quickly started doing the same. Facebook then banned him and even Reddit. He has no way of communicating through social media as of right now and it's almost been 3 months since.

I personally think it's good for him. There have been so many times in the past that his big mouth on social media got him in trouble, like How he thinks all “Mexicans are rapists” and tweeting that he wants to fight Black Lives Matter protesters. For an older man he should know wrong for right, and that once he posts something on social media that it will be there forever. It only takes one person to screenshot and reposts it. Just like how in Trump's tweets about how he basically states that he hates every other race then White has been resurfacing. Yes, his account is banned but that only means that he can't post anymore. It doesn't mean that his only posts are retweeted by other people or that you can't find and see them.

In the end there is no actual proof that Trump will be returning to social media anytime soon, but personally I hope he never does.