Treat Yourself To Summer Edition

What are some of your favorite summer activities? Summer is four days away and it is going to be a great time! We all have differences in the summer activities we like to do. So what are some of the best summer activities that we can do? During the summer I love traveling to exotic visiting volcanoes, going swimming in the ocean, exploring new memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life, also hanging out with friends, going to the pool, going on hikes, playing sports and more. Some good ideas for the summer are... Going to Elitches for the summer time which they just opened with 40 percent capacity. Going on camping trips with friends or family is always a good way to get away from the city or your cell phone. It also is a great idea because you get to enjoy the wilderness around you, making s'mores, and sleeping in a tent which is always fun, riding dirt bikes or atvs. There are so many activities you can do camping. Some of my favorite activities are traveling to other places

Kayaking is a popular activity to do in the summer; the ability to sightsee and be in the water offers campers and kayakers alike to enjoy the outdoors in summer months.

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Such as Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, California . You can go to the beaches, get a sun tan, go boating. But with the covid-19 disease traveling is going to be a challenging time. To visit outside of the United States you will need to be vaccinated. Visiting inside the United States you do not need to be vaccinated just need to follow the guidelines of FAA mask requirements and hotel requirements. All such great experiences and places to go. Some in-state activities can include kayaking at Evergreen lake or going to the Cherry Creek reservoir or Chat-field reservoir. Fishing has become popular during the summer time in Colorado, specifically trout fishing and bass fishing. Boating is a super fun activity where you can go wakeboarding, and tubing, and have an outstanding time with your family and friends. There are many things you can do in Colorado but one of the best ones would have to be either

Hiking is a popular activity to do during the summer, you can get the most out of nature and the wilderness around you. Hiking is a great summer activity for the outdoors.

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hiking or hammocking. There are a lot of people that like to go hiking during the summer days of Colorado to see the beautiful mountain views and the wild-life you can encounter on the hike. Some places are close to home to hike such as the Bluffs or the Castle Rock stairs. Ham-mocking has been popular at the Stonegate park for a long time where many of the Chap students like to play basketball, volleyball, spike-ball, and football. There are many activities you can do within the summer-time with your friends. Some of the students at Chap did a survey of what their favorite activities are, most of them said, hanging out with friends, traveling, ham-mocking, going on hikes, all of which are great summer activities. As little kids we loved to go hangout with friends at the park or go to the pool several times a day. Traveling is a fun one you get to see the most out of the world and get to experience different cultures throughout or just get to see amazing places. Hammocking has been a popular one for many years, setting up a hammock in a tree during the summer time and just hanging out with your friends. Going on hikes has been one of my favorite things to do during the summer time. Wherever it is in the world you get to explore the areas around you and the wildlife around you. Summer is coming up and it is going to be a great time. We only have three more weeks of school and then we get to do all these fun summer activities. I can’t wait to go on many hikes, trips, hanging out with my friends and many other things. Hopefully you are as excited as me ! Hope you all have an outstanding summer.

Story by: Nikolas Roberts’ 22