Things to Look Forward to This Semester

By:Soren Sabey

It's been nearly two years since COVID-19 first started and things are finally almost getting back to normal in terms of social activities. Some of the most memorable moments in high school are going to different sports games and participating in some type of extra curricular activity but COVID has limited these moments. This year, most people have realized how much they took going to sports games and being able to participate is a normal sports season with no restrictions for granted. However, having our sports seasons go back to normal and being able to go to games unrestricted are not the only activities to look forward to. One of the main things that was missed during COVID was being able to have simple social interactions that they have been having their entire life's throughout school. Some of

the activities that they missed out on were Wish Week school dances. By this time, half of the school hasn't experienced dances such as hoco or prom until this year and that definitely gives people something to look forward to this year. As of now the only people that have actually been a part of a complete Wish Week are the seniors, and according to them, it's as fun as it sounds. Wish Week is a week full of activities such as game nights, color days, festivals, and many other activities. But the most memorable activity is arguably the assembly where the school comes together to do cheers and competitions. Another big factor this school year is the social interaction. The worries about COVID have finally started to go away with the addition of vaccines kids have started to transfer from online back to in person learning. While high school may have its ups and downs, talking and interacting with people makes these four years so much better. Finally, the biggest change from last year to this year was the masks and the ability to choose if you wanted to wear one or not. So far throughout the year many students have felt like being able to see people's faces, as simple as that sounds, has improved social interactions by so much more than they were when people wore masks. This also has definenty changed teachers perspectives as well as they can now match faces to names and be able to have better relationships with their students. Throughout online classes, quarantine and cohorts many students felt that it was much harder to learn with challenges like learning through a computer, masks and constantly being quarantined. The school year in general was something that many students were looking forward to just because things are finally starting to get back to normal. In conclusion, the last couple of years have been very hard to cope with, but this year everyone can have a fresh start this semester and can look forward to things like dances, wish week, being able to interact with others, and just being able to have normal teaching, learning, and communication.