The Wordle Hype

Overview of the recent hit game, Wordle that has took the world by storm.

What is this game that everyone around the world has been playing and why is everyone so obsessed?! In the case that you’ve somehow missed the popularity surrounding this trend, the game is titled Wordle. In simple terms, the game is essentially a website and app where you guess a new 5 letter word every 24 hours.

The Come Up of Wordle

The game was released to the public in October of 2021 by a software engineer by the name of Josh Wardle located in Brooklyn. Wardle originally created this game for his significant other because of her love for guessing games and creatively named it by using a play off of his last name Wardle. The couple and close family played the game for a few months through their WhatsApp group chat and quickly became an

obsession within the family. Because of the group chat's interest, Wardle realized that this game could be something bigger and decided to release the game to the public. In November of 2021, an active 90 players were recorded. Only around two months later there were over 300,000 participants playing Wardle’s game. Since then, Wardle has updated the game and added new features. One example of this

is the feature that allows players to share The default screen of Wordle before any

heir experience and results to social media guesses are made. Photo Credit,

without spoiling the answers to others. New York Times

With the quick growth and the clear interests from the public, American daily newspaper, The New York Times bought and adopted the game from Josh Wardel “Need caption for photos” and added the game to their daily subscription alongside the paper's other daily games including the daily spelling bee and their crosswords.

How To Play The Game

The purpose of the game is to guess a random five letter word within six guesses. The game will indicate to you whether your guess was close or not. They do this by highlighting each letter of the word one of three colors. Green, yellow, or gray. Green tells the player that the letter is not only in the word, but happens to be in the exact position within the word as your guess. For example, if I guessed the word green but the daily word was growl, the game would highlight the g and the r telling me those letters are exactly where they are supposed to be in the daily word. Yellow tells players that the letter is within the answer but is in the wrong position in the word. And lastly, if a letter is covered with a gray hue, it simply means that letter is not in that daily word. Using these color indicators and having the ability to guess a total of six times, players can eliminate their options and keep guessing words that are closer to the correct answer.

Tips & Tricks

Although most play this game for their simple satisfaction and for fun, if you really want to win and get a streak going, there are a couple tips that can help your chances in doing so. The first tip that will help guarantee the win is starting with a word that includes as many vowels as possible. This will raise your chances to get the most information out of one word as possible since the majority of words have at least one vowel in it. Some of the most popular words to use are adieu, react and crane. Another tip is to use a completely different word for your second guess. What I mean by this is pick a word with the least common letters as the first word. This will ultimately raise your chances in gaining additional information to limit your future guesses. Lastly, always watch out and keep in mind double letters in a word. For example, the word could be “knoll” (double L) and the site wouldn't indicate the copy letter. So if you are ever stuck and can’t think of what the word could possibly be, always keep in mind that there could be words with duplicate letters.

Story By : Dillon Herman 22'