The RPM Act

The RPM Act

Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports to protect our race cars

Motorsports has been a huge industry for centuries. The first ever car race was in 19 Racing has been around since the second car was made and over time has advanced to where it's considered a sport and a multi billion dollar industry. Millions of people have interest in motorsports. Whether you're working on cars for the streets or creating the fastest racecar in town you want to be in support of Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act.

Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports is a bi-partisan act in support of modifying vehicles. The EPA and Clean Air act is introducing a bill that prevents people from modifying street cars with performance parts (Turbos, Superchargers, Exhaust systems, etc) It's to help

fight against air pollution from cars.The EPA states “this year we are celebrating 50 years of it doing the backbreaking work of cleaning up tailpipe pollution so that we aren’t choking on smoke and smog from the 200+ million cars on U.S. roads”. In a nutshell, the EPA’s goal is to shut down the motorsports industry. No more Formula Formula Drift Event, Adam Lz's

Drift, No more drag racing, no more Heavily Modified (twin turbo 2jz motor) S15

SEMA events, no more joy for the people who’s cars changed their lives. This is where the RPM act came though, to fight against the EPA’s goal in passing their bill. The EPA does not see the joy that brings to people with their cars. All they see is that

SEMA Show 2013 - LA,California

Porsche 911, RWB Kit

performance modifications to cars ruin the earth environment. It's our lifelong hobby, trying to take away what we love most. Doing small modifications like adding a performance exhaust or a new air intake will be illegal and ultimately shut down performance part makers and sellers. EPA wants to prevent any sort of performance modification done to cars such as turbochargers for example, that stuff the engine with more air to produce more power. In the end ultimately making your car bone stock, which isn't suited for a car

guy. Any sort of performance part found on your car that doesn't come stock will either result in removing it, or getting your car taken. Although this does sound extreme, nothing has been passed as of the moment. The RPM act helps fight the EPA’s goal in taking away these rights. for now you can support the RPM act to save our race cars, save what we all love most, too have fun.

By: Nico Blanchard