The Mascots Of March Ranked

Every mascot ranked

Omissions- San Diego State Aztecs. The school announced this summer that they no longer will refer to the Aztec as a mascot

67.Gaels (Iona)

I don't know what a Gael is, and the school website gave me no help in learning.

66. Orange (Syracuse)

Someone: Ok what should we name our team

Other person: Looks at basket of fruit across the room

“How about Orange?”

65. Hawks (Harford)

Unoriginal, small schools should try to get cool original mascots. How about we bring some awareness to the Harpy Eagle Harford.

64-62 Eagles (Winthrop, Morehead State, Eastern Washington)

Everyones an eagle now I guess. Once again this small schools should look into original mascots. How about the Winthrop Warthogs, that’s pretty cool.

61-60. Wildcats (Villanova, Abilene Christan)

You wanna get a good ranking on this list? Do join the group of one million other schools called the Wildcats.

59-57. Spartans (Michigan State, UNC Greensboro, Norfolk State)

Meh, once again a repeat nickname, nice logos from Michigan State, and Norfolk State though.

56-53. Tigers(Missouri, Texas Southern, LSU, Clemson)

Another group of schools that join the group of the 14 million schools called the Tigers.

52. Cowboys (Oklahoma State)

Great idea to give your team the mascot from the most famous NFL Team. However they do a lot of good with the unis.

51-49. Mountaineers(West Virginia, Appalachian State, Mount St. Mary’s)

What is a Mountaineer? I sure Michigan is glad they never had to face App-State though.

48-47. Cougars (Houston, BYU)


46. Wolverines (Michigan)

Historical name from Michigan, but nothing about their logo or uniforms suggest Wolverines.

45. Golden Eagles (Oral Roberts)

Thy aren’t just Eagles, they are Golden Eagles.

44. Aggies (Utah State)

The only Aggies to make the tournament of the group of 700 other college teams named Aggies

43. Raiders (Colgate)

Cool, but reminds me of an NFL in Oakl....I mean Las Vegas

42. Red Raiders (Texas Tech)

Not just Raiders, Red Raiders +1

41. Rams (VCU)

We did never get to see the Rams, but hopefully the team represented by a cool animal like a Ram will be back. Probably we’ll see two teams named Rams in the tournament, CSU, and VCU.

40. Vikings (Cleveland State)

The real CSU, and Vikings are pretty cool.

39-38. Bulldogs (Gonzaga, Drake)

Who doesn’t love dogs

37. Huskies (UCONN)

Once again who doesn’t love dogs.

36. Cavaliers (Virginia)

Good, but they still share a name with an pro team in Cleveland

35. Blue Jays (Creighton)

The name are original in the US, but in Canada, an MLB team led by Bo Bichette, and Vlad Guerrero Jr. share the same name

34. Bears (Baylor)

The champs are named after a animal that can be outsmarted by a special trash can.

33. Bruins (UCLA)

Nice run from the Bruins which I think is a cooler name for bears.

32. Scarlet Knights (Rutgers)

Not jst Knights, Scarlet Knights, there may be a bit of a athletic powerhouse building at the usual running joke of Rutgers. Keep an eye on these Scarlet Knights in both football and basketball.

31. Trojans (USC)

Pretty cool name

30. Bobcats (Ohio)

Who doesn’t love a Bobcat, what an awesome name, and logo. I wish they could make it to the sweet 16.

29. Badger (Wisconsin)

Who doesn’t love a Badger, Wisconsin should make the animal more present in the logo and uniforms.

28. Buffalo (Colorado)

Nice name and a pretty good logo, and both their costumed mascot, Chip and live mascot, Ralphie are awesome.

27. Mean Green (North Texas)

Awesome colors and incredible uniforms, and they aren’t just green, they're a mean version of green. They also upset Purdue. They also have a green eagle as a mascot which is awesome.

26. Fighting Illini (Illinois)

According to Illinois this name was chosen to honor all the Illinois students killed serving in World War l so a nice tribute to those who lost their lives.

25. Gauchos (UCSB)

The Gaucho is an Argentine cowboy that wears a very recognizable iconic hat that is featured prominently on the logo.UCSB lost in a heartbreaker to Creighton in the first round in a near upset.

24. Hokies (Virginia Tech)

The Hokie is a turkey, but the school likes to be called the Hokies better. At one point they were even called the Gobblers which put them near the top of the list of mascots here.

23. Ramblers (Loyola Chicago)

The Loyola mascot was a “hobo” before they smartly change their main mascot to a cool husky.

22. Crimson Tide (Alabama)

Alabama decided to one up Harvard by being the Crimson Tide unlike Harvard who is just called the Crimson

21. Sooners (Oklahoma)

Sooners were the name given to the settlers who first arrived in the unassigned lands of Oklahoma. So there is a cool bit of history in the Oklahoma name.

20. Lopes (Grand Canyon)

Name another team named after an Antelope, what a great nickname.

19.Terrapins (Maryland)

The difference between a Terrapin, and a Turtle is that Terrapins spend their time on land and only occasionally go in water while Turtles go in water full time. Which gives me a idea that the Maryland swim team isn’t that good.

18. Volunteers (Tennessee)

Tennessee volunteered to lose to the Beavers of Oregon State in the first round.

17. Longhorns (Texas)

Remember when the Texas live mascot, Bevo the Longhorn attacked UGA the Georgia Bulldogs live mascot at the Sugar Bowl? I know that happened at a football game, but imagine what Bevo would do if he saw the Longhorns lose to Abil Christan in the first round.

16. Hoyas (Georgetown)

The Hoyas is a good nickname to disguise that your team's actual mascot is a bulldog.

15. Gators (Florida)

Don’t fact check this but I remember Oral Robert saying “see you later Gators” when they beat them in the second round.

14.Hawkeyes (Iowa)

The origin of this name is unknown, but residents of Iowa call themselves Hawkeyes which is cool.

13. Seminoles (Florida State)

The relationship between the Seminoles tribe, and Florida State is very cool, and the respect shown for the Seminole tribe by the university is unmatched.

12. Ducks (Oregon)

Ducks are cool, The Oregon Duck is cooler

11. Yellow Jackets (Georgia Tech)

Yellow Jackets are a cool other name for bees so they get a nice spot on this list.

10. Flames (Liberty)

Cool name for a team that Flamed out in the first round

9. Beavers (Oregon State)

Beavers have orange teeth, which help explain OSU’s cool collar combo.

8. Tarheels (North Carolina)

This nickname comes from the fact that North Carolina used to be a leading producer of tar. But the colors and mascot of the Tarheels are what makes this rank so high.

7. Bonnies (Saint Bonaventure)

Just such a cool original nickname and they got awesome colors too.

6. Boilermakers (Purdue)

A Boilermaker was someone who worked on building railroads in the mid 1800’s. So that explains Purdue’s cool locomotive theme

5. Razorbacks (Arkansas)

The logo is cool, and the name is awesome.

4. Shockers (Wichita State)

What better name for a mid-major school than the Shockers

3. Buckeyes (Ohio State)

Named the Buckeyes after the Buckeye State of Ohio, a pretty cool way to honor your home state.

2. Dragons (Drexel)

Dragons are awesome! This ranking needs no explanation.

1. Jayhawks (Kansas)

Named after the people of Kansas who fought to free the slaves in the Civil War called Jayhawkers, Kansas chose a very cool way to honor the state's past. Sadly the Jayhawks lost in the second round.