The Lame All Star Weekend

Recap of the All Star Game. Was it worth watching? How bad was it?

The All Star game was one to remember, but was the rest not, the dunk contest made most fall asleep, the three point contest was all but boring and the skills challenge.

The dunk contest that made most people fall asleep

The NBA All Star weekend started out great with the rising stars game. Karl Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves was the first center to win the three point contest and the skills challenge. When the dunk contest came along, there were zero big name dunk contestants because they did not want to compete. The NBA decided to have Obi Toppin, Juan Tescano Anderson, and the two rookies Cole Anthony of the Orlando Magic and Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets.The competitors were known for their dunks, thrown downs posters and more. They all are on decent teams, but they did not show up, Jalen Green was presumed to have a great dunk content and did not show up, missing many dunks, layups and more, leading to the final round. In the final round, Juan Toscano-Anderson of the Golden State Warriors and Obi Toppin of the New York Nicks were the last competitors. Toscano-Anderson tried three times and missed them all.

He tried one of the hardest dunks tried today, and it was not even that hard for a dunk contest contestant, and he missed every dunk, he also had many non attempts making a fool out of himself. so it was up to Obi Toppin. He made a dunk that was more like a layup. There were a myriad of tweets after the event about how boring and uneventful

Obi Toppin dunking over a man in the 2022 the contest was, and the

dunk contest in Cleveland Ohio basketball world was very unhappy

Courtesy of draft kings with how the once great Dunk

Three point contest

The three point contest was anything but usual. Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks had a great first round that led him to the second round after hitting both of the Mountain Dew Deep three point shots. Luke Kennard had a very solid 28 points, and Karl-Anthony Towns, the center, had a great round. Not many fans thought the center would make it to the final round, but he proved everyone wrong . There has been no center to win the NBA three point contest, there has been great shooting from them for the past couple of years, but no true shooting like KAT. He showed up proving that centers can shoot too. On the other hand Desmond Bane

of the Memphis Grizzlies had a poor round and even air balled one of his shots in the corner in a three point contest. If you are in a three point contest you should not miss by a airball, that makes people wonder why you are there in the first place. KAT eventually won the contest with a score of 28 in the final round. Luke Kennard put up

Karl Anthony towns shooting the Mountain a score of 26 points and he missed

Dew shot in the three point contest 2022 the Mountain Dew deep three point

in Cleveland Ohio courtesy of yahoo sports worth three points. These points

would have kept him in the running to

win foot center Karl Antony Towns

was the first center to win the

three point contest.

Clorox Clutch Challenge

This challenge consists of two players alternating shooting from five different spots, and they must make each shot in a minute and thirty seconds. There were four groups of two. Three of the teams did great, with one hitting all five and the other two hitting four out of the five. Scottie Barnes and Tyrese Maxey had the worst performance out of the group. Barnes missed four layups in a row , Maxey missed two layups and Barnes made on shot and Maxey made the other from the corner three. The team who won this contest hit a consistent amount of shots, Tyrese Haliburton and Desmond Bane took very little time to make four out of the 5 shots but, they took a couple of shots to make the logo three but they eventually made a great looking bank three. They made each shot and were the only ones to make all five shots before the time ran out. This contest was very entertaining because of the missed layups, the laughs after the contest, the hard misses, the bank threes, many people had fun watching, and having a good time. The other competitors were getting excited watching Maxey and Barnes both miss layups.

Making this event a very exciting one for sure. This event was an exciting one proving that the younger NBA players can put on a show, the missed layups with the laughs the bank threes. Showing how fun it was watching this event.

Scottie Barnes and Tyrese Maxey going for a hug

after their performance at the Clorox Clutch

Challenge in Cleveland Ohio

NBA All Star Game

The games were held in Cleveland, which meant a return for a former Cavalier star LeBron James of the Lakers, but also the return of Stephen Curry of the Warriors. All of the best players in the league were there to have fun and compete. The game was high scoring and exciting, with the best of the best putting up crazy 360 alley oops, hard put back dunks, deep logo threes, stare downs, and walk away threes. The final score was 163-160, with Team LeBron defeating Team Durant. This game was the bright spot for the weekend because you could be entertained by things you do not see in real games. Curry had 50 points on 16 three pointers and won the All Star Game MVP, also taking home the first ever Kobe Bryant Trophy. There was a lot of offense. Many people thought this was the most entertaining All Star Game ever, with all the crazy dunks, finishes, passing, shooting, high scoring play, and great steals. LeBron had a huge game winner on a fade away jumper to cap off his return to Cleveland.

The game was definitely a one to remember, watching half court shots from curry to no look threes. To three sixty dunks making it a fabulous ones to watch.

Steph Curry shooting a three pointer over

Ja Morant in the All Star Game at

Cleveland Ohio courtesy of Npr News

The All Star Game had some ups and downs, having some competitions very boring and not very exciting to watch so others the best to watch. This All Star Game is for sure a one to remember.


Ryan Lock