The Kansas City Name Debate

Should the Kansas City Chiefs Change Their Name?

By: Keagan Dipietro

Currently, the NFL fan base and the United States, have a debate taking place whether the Kansas City Chiefs should change their name and logo due to its similarity and negative connotation to Native American tribes, or if they should stay as is. With new justice movements in the USA following the Black Lives Matter movement, more and more people are starting to fight to eliminate racism, sexism, and more, especially in sports.

This new conversation of a name change isn’t at all new though. At the start of the 2020-21 Football season, another NFL team in Washington D.C. switched their name from the Washington Redskins, to the Washington Football Team, due to the negative connotation to Native Americans.

These changes do not make sense, and here is why; A survey was held in Washington D.C, asking Native Americans if they took offense to the name of the Washington Redskins. When the results came back, 98.8% of the Native Americans asked said they didn’t take offense, and 1.2% said they did, yet the name was switched anyways. This poll was in Washington D.C. though, and might not accurately reflect the Usa’s opinion. This trend should stop here. The teams are named for a reason based on cultural history. For example, Kansas City has been a massive home for Native Americans for thousands of years. All the name changing is doing is diminishing the cultural diversity in the United States. But it’s not just the name either, fans are now not allowed to wear headdresses or face paint to the games. Additionally, a common celebration when the Chiefs make a good play, called the tomahawk chop, was recently banned in the stadiums due to the “mockery” of Native American traditions.

Also, the name “Chiefs” was created in 1960, 61 years ago. If the name was actually offensive to anyone, it would have changed decades ago. Why all of a sudden does the name have a racist history? Did it not for 60 years before anyone cared, and why did no one step in then?

But this isn’t just an issue in football or even sports alone. Teams like the Cleveland Indians,

of the MLB and the Chicago Blackhawks, of the

Boys aren’t inclusive and Cow People might be a more fitting option for everyone. But this “Cancel Culture” is doing nothing productive. Similar to previously mentioned, the companies had to been around for long periods of time before anyone had an issue with them. While trying to eliminate racism and sexism is a good goal, the ways of completely shutting people and even organizations down simply for disagreeing with a general opinion is wrong. It is entirely possible for things to change, and for other opinions to be acceptable too. In the end, as long as the Cheifs stay away from any intentional mockery, the team should be fine to keep their name.