The Effects of Hallway Sweeps

By: Soren Sabey

In an attempt to try and limit and reduce the amount of tardies among students, Chaparral admin is trying a new strategy called “hallway sweeps,” in order to motivate students to not be late to class. This essentially means that after the bell rings, the pod doors will be shut and administrators will patrol the hallways to catch students that are late. The first time being caught is a verbal warning, the second time caught is a call home and after school detention and the third time caught is a suspension. Student Tanner Westenscow says: “This new tardy policy isn't fair to many of the students that work hard in school. Students shouldn't have to worry about getting detention or being suspended if they are accidentally late to class a couple of times.” Many other students feel that these punishments are far too severe and are annoyed to have another thing in school to worry about. On the other hand teachers of junior and senior classes are fed up with students constantly being late coming from lunch due to most leaving campus during lunch. However compared to other school districts around the country, Chaparral seems to be late to the party on enforcing punishment on tardiness. Moreno Valley High School in California, has been enforcing tardy sweeps since 2000. “This is a way for us to teach students accountability in getting to class on time,” Mr. Peeples, administrator, said. “As they graduate from high school, colleges and employers will not have a tardy program, so if we can teach our students responsibility now, then we are doing good.” According to their administration, this system isn't about trying to reduce the amount of tardiness that takes place within a school but rather is an attempt to motivate students to form good habits for the rest of their lives. Even with a tardy sweep there are still students late, especially in the first period. However the overall attendance of the school has improved. In addition to doing a tardy sweep there are posters around the school letting students know what time school starts and to make sure to get there on time as well as the no-go lists that are posted trout the school for those students with extreme absences or tardies that aren’t allowed to attend school events because of it. While I don't think that being tardy is a major problem at Chap, I do believe that if the administration keeps enforcing these policies then eventually it will create good habits for students, especially. While I may not exactly agree with the idea of tardy sweeps, I do understand how important good habits are for things like future jobs, interviews, and getting things done in general. Therefore, if this is the way the school board decides to do it, many students will still be upset. In the end it is for the greater good and in the end teachers and administrators are just trying to help us navigate through the four years of high school.