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The reason the Patriots release Cam Newton

Background info: The real reason behind the release

Many people were questioning who's going to be the quarterback for the Patriots this season. Will it be Cam Newton? Or did they draft Mac Jones to take his place? Justin Fields fell in the draft, as many were suspecting that the Patriots were going to pick him. Instead, they picked Mac Jones, a player who does not move from the pocket with some people suspicious on how good he really is because of the receiving core that he had at Alabama. Some people don’t know why the Patriots drafted Jones, but he was a good pick and probably better than pick 15. He saw Fields fall to number 11. Most people thought they should trade up, which is probably what they should have done. Maybe they did not like the talent of Fields.They were most likely better off with Jones because he fits the Patriots’ style of offense. He’s a great pocket passer who can throw the ball at different levels, along with screen passes to the running backs. The team also has a solid running back arsenal. Then, the end of preseason came along and they cut Cam Newton. A player who did really well in week one last year, got sick with Covid, and collapsed.

On the other hand, they have Mac Jones who has been lighting it up in game and in practices. The Patriots eventually went with Mac Jones because he is a great fit, he can throw the ball, and Newton has really struggled with throwing the ball consistently.

Stats from From Cam Newton and Mac Jones

Mac Jones

Passer Rating- 97.4

Passing Yards- 388 Yards

Interceptions- 0

Cam Newton

Passer Rating- 125.0

Yards- 162

Interceptions- 1

Cam Newton Stats from 2020

Passing yards- 2,657

Passer rating- 82.5

Touchdowns- 8

Completion percentage- 65.5%

Interceptions- 10

Last season, Cam Newton had a terrific game vs the Seattle Seahawks, nearly winning the game in week one. It came down to the final drive where Cam Newton tried to run it in and was stopped. After that game he got Covid and he was never the same the whole year. He struggled to get height on the ball,was very inaccurate throwing the ball deep, and he struggled deeply on third downs. The only bright spot from him was running the ball and sacks. He was very good at avoiding the sacks and getting the ball downfield. Other than that, he should have and could have done better.

The bright spot for Mac Jones

Mac Jones has been stellar in practice and in games. He has been great at spreading the football to everyone and moving the ball up field. He can throw the ball really well, as he has not thrown an interception in a game, and he is very accurate while throwing the ball. During his last practice, he had 35/40 completions while throwing a 50 yard touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor.

Last year, the Patriots had minimal threats in the receiving core, but during the off season, they gained Nelson Agholor, Jonnu Smith, and Hunter Henry. Mac Jones also has a very reliable target from last year Jacobi Myers.

Along with this star studded

Mac Jones Throwing the ball during a Patriots game defense,this team has a lot of

by Tyler Sullivan CBS Sports of Potential

Potential Of the team

The team has so much potential with the new rookie quarterback Mac Jones and an awesome defense including Mathew Judon, who is known for intense quarterback pressure and many sacks, J.C. Jackson, who had 9 interceptions last year, and Jonathan Jones, a spectacular corner back who made many defensive stops in crucial citations and led the league last year in tackles. Mathew Judon is a guy who loves to hit the QB and running back. He is an aggressive Pro Bowl Linebacker. Last year he had 6 sacks, and now has 35 for his career, with 32 tackles on the season. He will give the Patriots a lot of edge pressure along with D’ontae Hightower, a man known for stopping the run game.

He opted out last year due to Covid, but these two working together will be really good for the defense. If Stephon Gilmore stays, he adds a more than 5 time pro bowler and leading corner back to the already excellent defense. On the offense, there’s Damien Harris, who led the league with the highest Pro Football Focus start

Cam Newton and his team In the huddle photo with a 90.3 he is an elite ball carrier who

Courtesy by Union Leader by Karen Guregian has top tier yards after contact numbers.

Then, there’s Rhamondre Stevenson, who had a great preseason. He had the most rushing yards in one game by a running back on the Patriots in a preseason game for the last 15 years. He piled up touchdowns, getting at least two per game. Lastly, the tight ends are dominant on the field; Jonnu Smith is one of the fastest tight ends in the league and can put up big numbers, and Hunter Henry is a very reliable receiver. The Patriots have a really solid chance to make a playoff run this year.

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