The Alignment of Injury

The look at Antonio Brown’s incident and if mental health is the cause

Antonio Brown’s star studded rookie year, and early career

Anything can happen to a player, but can bad things happen to one player for years straight. Antonio Brown, a wide receiver, was drafted in 2010. Brown started his season in 2010, he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 9 years there. He was a star studded receiver who played his heart out every game. He was an elite receiver who was breaking records and had six consecutive 1,000 yard receiving seasons. He was the leading receiver for ten years in the NFL.

After a dirty head hit by Vontez Burfict

his behavior soon began to change, and his whole career changed. Many people said that after his behavior changed he developed CTE, CTE is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which is a term used to describe degeneration of the brain after trauma to the head. , but you can not determine CTE until the person has passed. Brown’s issues

started in 2018 when he got in a disagreement with

Antonio Brown pointing out a first Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger He

down in 2010 courtesy of Pro Football skipped on practice and missed a game.

This was very unusual for Brown to get in an

argument with Ben because they had a really good

connection on the football field, and on practice.

He got along with his coaches very well.

Antonio Brown then was later traded to the Raiders where he sat out weeks due to frostbite in his foot from cryotherapy. Then, Brown later tweeted that he was harassed by the team so they released him, After the tweet he was later cut by the Raiders. The raiders cut Brown due to conduct detrimental to the team, for the obnoxious tweet. Later on in the season he was signed by the Patriots and they made a deal that he must keep his cool and not do anything stupid. Soon the patriots fou

nd out about a sexual assult allegation towards Brown. The Patriots released Brown after being charged with several counts of assault and battery. In 2020, he was on account for burglary and battery against a moving truck driver. Many people say that Brown has CTE and that is the cause of his behavior while others say he is just crazy. All over social media his story has been posted about what CTE can do to you and if Brown really does have it. Brown did have some altercation on the field when kicking a kicker in the face on a punt return. CTE can cause depression, anger, an d suicidal thoughts. Kicking the punter in the face is a penalty in football, along with players using steroids and more, with CTE it can worsen the effects of anger, and aggression causing players to act out.

In Brown’s case you do not see this often, but was he really trying to kick him. Most coaches thought of him as a really good player who could produce numbers, off the field he would get in arguments, sit out of games and more. Did his troubles really start before the head injury?

Antonio Brown Kicking punter Canning in the face

Heinz Field Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Courtesy of

Bleacher Report Joseph Zucker

2021 present day

Antonio Brown was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the offseason reuniting with Tom Brady after only playing one game with him. Antonio Brown’s issues off the field did not stop in 2020 He soon was fined by the league due to a fake vaccination card, however, Brown was exposed to covid one game. Later trying to get back to playing he showed a fake vaccination card he bought from a fiend he knew. This violated the protocols and he was fined by the league.

Antonio Brown Incident this past Sunday

Brown early in the season injured his ankle and was out for weeks. Later in the season he had an MRI and found that he had bone floating around in his foot, which caused him great pain. During the game, Antonio Brown was messaging Bruce Arian, the Buccaneers head coach about his ankle. He said he will try his best and Arians was aware of his ankle and he will be careful with him. During the game vs the Jets, Bruce Arians told Brown to head into the game, Brown told Bruce he would not because his ankle was bothering him, Bruce yelled back and told him to leave. Antonio Brown left the game without his gear on since the incident happened . Brown was cut by the Buccaneers and he was interviewed a couple times on the incident.

He was asked if he had a good relationship with Tom Brady, he replied it was a mutual relationship with the team. He does not care what happens next to the Buccaneers he also tweeted a post after they lost. He has shown that mental health is a problem but he does not see it as a problem.

Antonio Brown throwing his shirt into the

crowd in Tampa Bay Florida

Courtesy of give me sport Lewis Cole

By: Ryan Lock