Summer of Unrest

Global protests erupted all over the world- and specifically, the United States spanned from the end of May through the election.

Since the beginning of quarantine, (and even before that) our country has become divided from politics. From May through November, the United States has been faced with numerous protests from Black Lives Matter, to election protests, the US has faced an entire summer of constant protests and in some cases, riots. Riots especially, have recently been the highlight of this; both political parties are fighting over each other’s opinions relentlessly for months now, even worse than before. The start of the pandemic is which spiked political parties interests in the upcoming election. Masks, the economy shutting down, and other restrictions to keep people safe were the center of attention (and still are 6 months later). People were debating on whether to shut down the economy or not. Liberals wanted to shut it down for the sake of keeping everyone in the U.S. as safe and healthy as possible; Conservatives wanted to keep the economy up for businesses to stay open to help recover some of the losses faced from the stay at home orders.

Masks were another conflict for both sides. Because social distancing can’t always be done, (for example grocery shopping or other essential things) masks are to help with this. Doctors, and people in the medical field even have their own opinions on the take of masks. More restrictions were recently put in place to slow down the

Protesters in a group hold up signs for spread, even if people disagree with how

BLM. One of the many protests this effective they are. Back in May, which started most

summer protesting the deaths of of this all, it went around social media, and within

George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. two weeks of his death, most people at least heard

Photo courtesy of Flickr. his name. Peaceful protests became riots once the media became inflamed about the thought of the cop. The riots started in Saint Paul, and ended up happening in every major city. People started to inform themselves on politics more. During quarantine more people are becoming interested in politics, even young adults, especially because the election is coming up in November.

Most recently another death in the Midwest which took the media by storm, was in Kenosha Wisconsin. Both parties have completely different outtakes on Jacob Blake’s death. Some are saying he was a criminal and the cop was defending himself. Others are saying the officer shot and paralyzed an innocent man. Either way, both opinions are adding to the conflicts from George Floyd.

Police brutality has been a big headline recently. “ACAC” is popular at the moment. A debate over whether police are in the wrong, or if they are doing their jobs. This connects to Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter. At the moment, this is very controversial for everyone. This is because everyone has to deal with cops, whether it is positive or negative.

The riots that occurred also have different opinions from numerous people. The left is justifying the riots by saying the riots are needed to get their point across. While, the Republican party is saying the riots are destroying cities, and that the violence is not the answer. Both sides are dividing the country more to the point where people have become violent just for someone having different political views than them.

-Story by Megan Carey '23