summer fun under the sun

The end of the school year is near, thus the start of summer. There are so many things to do and places to go, but some do outshine others.

Walking Top things to do in the summer, backpacking through valleys courtesy of colorado

Going for a hike or a walk is a very popular thing for most people, it is a great way to get outside, and view the world.

There are so many places to go for a hike, maybe through the mountains, along your neighborhood street, with your dogs.

In a survey taken by NRPA( National Recreation and park association) Among the age groups the more popular summer activities are going on walks. Millennials tend to enjoy barbequing and gatherings more. Though It seems that each generation loves to be outside,That's why it's a great way to spend your summer.

Walking Top things to do in the summer,

backpacking through valleys courtesy of


Every summer you see millions of people scattered across beaches, or hundreds of people at pools. Among the generations one of the popular summer activities is being by a body of water, a lake, ocean or pool. . It is very popular because you can get sun, cool off in the hot summer breeze, Jump through the waves at the ocean. Or even beach activities on the hot sand.It is a favorite because you can hang out with large groups of people, and even hold a party because it's a big area. It's a great way to have a relaxing day and get a little bit of a tan. There are so many options so it's a great choice to choose for your summer activity.

You can even have a pizza party right by the pool, eat the most popular food while doing a very popular summer activity to make sure you enjoy your summer. If there is a hot tub by the pool then you can sit and relax while having a drink, talk with some friends, diving board tricks and maybe even water gun fights for the kids, for great summer fun.

Swimming pool, with deck, chairs and Hot Tub

in a backyard courtesy of leisure pool USA

A barbeque is a great way to spend your summer, for Gen X and Baby Boomers it's their favorite way to spend their summer, you can do lots of activities, and it's even fun for kids, with the great food, the different activities you can do, and family conversations you can have. It's a very relaxing time to have for the whole family, and you can have a very entertaining time. It's also on Millenials top three too.

On the other hand Gen Z kids love to spend their time playing video games, or listening to music, Picnics are options too, because you can bring a variety of popular foods, sit and eat at many different places, bring things to do, if you have a dog, throw a frisbee or tennis ball with them.

People gathered around cooking foods

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Popular places to visit


Cancun is a very popular place to travel, all because of the white sandy beaches casting along the Island, and the pearl blue water looking down into the water. Great places to stay are first class hotels and beaches you can sit and eat on. The weather is great too with 8-to11 hours of sunshine each day, and great temperature around 80’s. The food is Local and and sometimes healthy Mexican goods lasting from the history of their culture.

Cancun has amazing night time activities from clubs and more to keep you entertained. They have great day trips to take you from other island viewing on boats, joining a scuba diving adventure, and visiting the Cancun theme parks.

Cancun Vast jungles and viewing spots

courtesy of TravelTipo

Bora Bora

luxurious places to stay, picturesque beaches and jungles. It might be a small place but you can take off road excursions to relax for the night and see Bora Bora’s most beautiful sight. It has a volcano spread out in the middle of the island, you can swim in beautiful aqua blue lagoons, it is said to be one of the most beautiful islands you can go to.

They have great temperatures and nice warm waters for you to swim in. They also have very friendly locals who can give you advice if you might need it. You can snorkel, explore the island's main port. Making it a very

Bora Bora beautiful hotels on the water popular destination to visit.

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The city of light draws millions of visitors every year. T

here are museums, century old churches, blocks of rococo and neoclassical design architecture. World class museums, fashion, cuisine and a great atmosphere. There are many places to go in Paris, you can take in the view on top of the eiffel tower, go to musee d’orsay. Plan a day trip to Versailles palace.

Or you can snack on delicious street crepes. Go to Cobbled walks, beautiful bridges and more, making Paris one of the most popular tourist destinations. You can stay in the outstanding historic hotels, plan a stay by the waters, while

One of France's oldest buildings still standing in the city enjoying the food in Paris. courtesy of France Hotel Guide


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