Stay Alert, Stay Alive

From October 29th to November 2nd, Chaparral hosted its annual Drive Safe Week event. The event has become a staple in recent years and is well known by all students and staff. The purpose of the event is to educate students about safe driving for teens in an effort to reduce teen crashes and injuries.

The event featured many familiar events from recent years as well as several new events that expanded upon Drive Safe Week’s presence. For example, Monday the 29th featured the usual handouts of air fresheners, mints, etc. on student’s cars and for the first time a flight for life helicopter landing in the soccer field for students to explore. Each day during the week focused on a different topic and theme with events centered around it. Monday’s theme was speed, Tuesday: distracted, Wednesday: drowsy, Thursday: seatbelts, and Friday: impaired. Other events during the week included pledges all week long, a wrecked car demonstration, and the student favorite drunk and high googles.

“This year we hosted Drive Safe Week with lots of fun giveaways and activities to raise awareness about the top 5 injury-causing aspects of driving: speeding, distractions, drowsiness, not wearing a seatbelt, and driving impaired. While the majority of the campaign was concentrated during Drive Safe Week, we will continue to have activities throughout the year to remind people to rise above risk and drive safe.”, said DECA president Brock Mullen

The annual event is organized and ran by Chaparral DECA officers who use the event to better the community as well as compete at DECA events. Each year a different group of officers takes on the task and continues the legacy of Drive Safe Week. This year DECA president Brock Mullen, vice president Sami Kuhns, and treasurer Quinn Bang were in charge of the large event. Last year the event was taken to compete in the international DECA competition after taking 3rd place at the Colorado DECA state competition.

Mullen said, ““It started a few years ago when the Colorado Department of Transportation contacted Chap because of our zip code, 80134, was in the top 10 in the state for teen driving accidents. DECA decided to partner with them to do something with them to do something to prevent teen car accidents. The campaign was especially impactful after the death of Taylor, a former student who died in a car accident with an unknown cause. Since then, we have been working each year to prevent more teen driving accidents and to create safe teen drivers. We are hoping to continue the successful legacy of this project by creating safe teen drivers.”

Story by Matthew Fast

Photos provided by Brock Mullen

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