Stampede Outside Africa Soccer Game kills at least 8 people government says

After a 50 year cutoff from hosting the AFCON tournament, Cameroon finally hosted the tournament which resulted in 8 killed and 38 injured from stampede.

The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) is a soccer tournament that happens every year in Africa. Up to a million people watch the tournament each year in each game. This year Cameroon hosted the tournament for the first time in 50 years. 8 people ended up dead and 38 were injured from a stampede outside the game. In the event seven of those thirty eight were seriously injured. The crush came when fans

struggled to get in the stadium to watch the highly anticipated match of Cameroon against Comoros in the knockout game at Africa’s top soccer tournament, the Africa cup of Nations, at the Yaounde Olembe stadium. Following the low turnouts in the first opening games of the tournament at the new stadiums, Cameroon authorities

opened the gates and gave out free Olembe stadium where the stampede trampled

tickets and organized mass transport to through crowds of fans outside the stadium

lure fans. Although, due to covid restriction’s only 40,000 people were supposed to be in attendance at the highly anticipated game. However, with the free tickes given out, many more people showed up and there ended up being close to 60,000 people in attendance.

A witness says that the whole reason it happened was because security directed a crowd of fans to a gate entrance that was locked. The stampede then came and ran through the crowd of people and eventually the gate was opened which caused even more people to be trampled by other people running away from the stampede. Although, it could have been because fans were trying to avoid covid-19 checks to watch the game which caused a group to form that the stampede ran through. The CAF announced last month that fans would be allowed into stadiums if they were fully vaccinated and could show a negative PCR test less than seventy two hours old. Fans also had an option to show a negative rapid antigen test from within the last twenty four hours. The entry policies made it hard for many Cameroon citizens to go and watch the game considering only

2.5% of the population is fully vaccinated. "When the security guys finally began opening the gates, with all the anxiety and after having been locked out ... people pushed the security guys away and forced themselves inside," said the witness, Marie People helping other people who were trampled by the

Asongafack. "That's where stampede outside the Olembe stadium with Cameroon playing

it all began ... By the time I Comoros.

found myself in front, there were people on the ground being trampled on."

Cameroon was meant to host the tournament in 2019 but that year's event was taken away by Egypt because of major preparation problems, especially around the stadium. The Olembe stadium, the main stadium for the tournament was also one of the main concerns that organizers were concerned about. This makes it the first time since 1972 that Cameroon has hosted the Africa Cup of Nations.

In the end, the anticipation of the event and the mass crowds of people is overall the main reason people were killed and injured in the stampede. People were skipping vaccine checks, security directed people to a locked gate where they couldn’t get in the stadium, and there were too many people at the game. This led to the loss of 8 people and injuries of many more.

Cameroon defeated and claimed a 2-1 win over the undermanned comoros squad to reach the quarter finals where they will face Gambia.

By: Parker Lammers