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Soulja Boy has been involved in a few controversies recently. Such as, kidnapping a woman and injuring them, and wanting to box with Jake Paul. But, the most notable controversy is about his website, Soulja originally wanted to sell his own game consoles, that he hoped would compete with the best being PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo devices. Until the device fell into crumbles. Nintendo had sued him. Due to the illegal games on the device called “ROMs.” Which are practically pirated versions of video games. His long/hopeful future in the gaming industry came to a sudden close. Until he decided to release more devices of “his” own.

Soulja didn’t stop there. He was destined to make a quick buck to many, instead of wanting to make a positive impact on the industry. Soulja consecutively released a bunch of knock-off Chinese devices. Spanning from Watches and his version of a tablet. Going to cell phones and the widely popular, AirPods. AirPods are wireless earbuds made by Apple, which have risen to become a very popular outlet among many. The appearance of the AirPods and the wireless feature has many spending their cash. The original AirPods are a bit pricey, making the Soulja Pods have a very appealing price. At just $6.68 and the hefty tax involvement, you can own a cheap knock-off version of AirPods.

With these devices being released by Soulja, it has many individuals providing their thoughts and hate is being spread throughout the web. Memers lately have been constantly making memes on the issue. Those very few individuals who have actually purchased the Soulja Pods, haven’t even received a confirmation email. The only hope most have been given of actually receiving them was “product will be shipped in 2-3 business days.” Following up with customers and their orders is the most important part of creating trust. Which on the side of Soulja’s business has been nonexistent. The sales might not be as impressive as many think.

As his “SouljaGame Handheld” has an original price of $200 but is already on sale for $99.99. This may be one of his methods to make consumers think they’re getting a big deal on his devices. These deals are being frequently added to the website, and have changed rarely as of late. His “SouljaWatch” is for sale at just $11.38.

YouTubers and websites have been recently reviewing his products. To see if there is any legitimacy with his marketing promises and what he is necessarily trying to deliver.

It has been an even 50/50 on the thoughts of his devices. Some like the nostalgia “his” gaming consoles have given to them. While others have bashed him on his other accessories listed above.

Joey Freeburg ‘20 purchased a pair of Soulja Pods. With the promise of it being shipped in 2-3 business days; the Soulja Pods have been nowhere to be found. It’s been roughly two weeks since the order should have been shipped. “At this point, I probably won’t even get them,” said Freeburg.

Soulja Boy is not sitting nicely right now in the media, but maybe his goal was to get attention. If that was his goal, he’s succeeded. It’ll be interesting to see if Soulja will get more assistance from those with real experience in marketing if he is looking forward to owning a legit brand or website.

Story by Zachary Curtis '20

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