Softball's Season

Girls Varsity Softball ends the season proud knowing they improved from the last year, ending with an overall ranking of 10-13, after having a tough couple seasons. “Before the season started, the captains got together and came up with the ultimate goal of winning more games than the last two seasons. At the end of the season we reached this goal and won around 5 more games than the previous season.” said Senior Tristyn Pitts. The girls continued, each game with winning on their minds. “We won a lot more this year than last year and we were so close to playoffs but fell short.” said Senior Lexi Roan.The team was eager for a successful season, “Overall our season was ok. In the beginning of the season the captains sat down with Coach Digiosio to discuss our goals. Our goal was to win more games than last season and eventually make it to playoffs. We did win more games than last year but did not make it to playoffs, which was disappointing considering we really only needed to win one more game to make it.” said Senior Moranda Ramey. The girls were disappointed about playoffs but that didn't stop them from reaching their goals. This past season there were a lot of players with injuries which took a toll of the rest of the team. “Even though wins are good, We had player injuries that set us back. Two seniors didn’t get the chance to play till the end of season, which is tough for them emotionally. “This was upsetting to the team but many players were content with the improvement of everyone this season.” said Pitts, Senior. Not only did the girls meet their goals on the field, they exceeded by finding a connection with each other. With lots of practices, games and team dinners, Roan said the team grew very close and holds a tight bond. Pitts says, “for myself, last season was tough, but as a Senior this year my confidence was better than ever and I wanted to lead my team in the circle.” Leadership brought the team close as the captains aide in achieving their personal goals. “An improvement from last season would be our team effort.” Ramey said. This year there were more people who really wanted to be there. The girls were supportive to each other even when they were not given a lot of playing time. Girls Softball stands together even after the season passes and they all advance to the next. The season ends in success and the girls are proud of their improvements they've made individually and together.

Story by Aubrey Jessop

Photo by Scorpio 67 Photos