Snowboarding or Skiing

On the mountain, Skiing or Snowboarding,

Skiing is a fun sport that applies to people of all ages. No matter if you are just out of kindergarten or moving into the senior center, you can still have an adventure on the mountain. However, deciding to choose between skiing and snowboarding is a tough decision.

Skiing was recognized in the 19th century. Skiing started as two long and thin metal plates used to slide down the mountain. Over time skiis evolved different shapes and sizes, such as how long or side the skis are. If you're more into going fast without worrying about the skis catching onto the snow and falling over, maybe skiing is for you. Skiing is easy to learn and easy to ride. You can make slow long turns and stop quickly if you need to, yet it’s also very easy to go faster than any snowboarder. Some Skiers use Ski poles which are used to push themselves. You push it against the snow and pull yourself through to get more speed in slower areas, snowboarders don’t really use this. The downsides to Skiing are the boots, the boots are thin at the bottom making it hard to keep your balance when walking, and are made of hard plastic, which isn’t very comfortable. If you’re looking to have a fun easy day on the mountain for your first time, skiing is for you. “Skiing is relaxing, it's easy to speed up and slow down, I learned to ski comfortably my first day and am still improving today.” Sean Sayler class of 23 and Skier

Snowboarding came long after the Skiis, Snowboarding wasn’t introduced till the mid-’60s and people found it as the most bizarre thing, as both feet are connected to one board. First, it’s a pain to learn how to, unless you can skateboard or surf already. Snowboarding is similar to skateboarding/ surfing as you are connected to one board and balance is key. Snowboards have an issue where the edge of the board digs into the snow causing you to slam on the snow, beginners have a huge issue with this. Over time the more you learn, you get comfortable with the motions, being able to ride on either your toe or heel edge. Different boards have different aspects to them, some create a more surfy,

flowy style where some are more for going fast and in certain directions. A lot of snowboarders like to go to park areas, hit rails and jump. Snowboards can't usually go as fast, but if you're looking for a more playful, surfy feel, snowboarding is all for you. “Skiing is an awful thing to do with your life, like imagine skiing down the mountain and you hit a post and your leg is like gone” - Logan Class of 23 and Snowboarder

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With the difference of Skis and Snowboards, it’s completely up to you, and when you pick either one up, you start to journey into what kind of gear fits your style. Weather your skiing or snowboarding, i think we can all agree that both are just as fun and being on that mountain will always be an adventure

Story by: Nico Blanchard, Class of 23