Side Businesses and Jobs for Teens

As a teen, there are many wants and needs for earning money, and getting a part time job but for a big corporation, it may not be the most beneficial decision. With most places only paying minimum wage, it's hard to afford gas to get there, and it takes skill and time to work in a job, narrowing the benefits even more.

Custom design products: A smart, and pretty common way of making money for teens, is

starting your own business, or buying and reselling products such as: paintings, phone cases, and tons of other products. It is very simple to start up too. There are plenty of websites such as Alibaba that sell items in bulk and for significantly cheaper prices. For

example, clear phone cases sell on amazon from around $8-$10 while on other websites can go from $2 to even 25 cents for buying enough in bulk. If you have an artistic ability, custom paintings on these clear cases could be smart. Paint products can also be bought for cheap too. A full set of brushes, and multiple paint colors can go for $15 to $20 on amazon. If sold on websites like Etsy, they can go for $30 and upwards, and the product cost is only $15 to $20 total, and if you make enough, can make hundreds of dollars a month.

Tutoring: Tutoring could be another option for a side business for many different reasons. If you have above average knowledge of any subject, and are willing to help tutor and complete basic training, you could make lots of money by using online tutoring websites, which would save the need to drive. Other than understanding of a subject, all you need is a computer, and you are ready to go. Average level tutors can make up to $30 an hour, and advanced tutors can make up to $60 an hour. If you put aside 3-4 hours over a weekend to do some tutoring, it could be possible to make $240 a week.

Social Media Creation: Finally, a more risky, but more fun way of possibly making some money, starting a YouTube channel. While money is much less guaranteed with this strategy, it is a much preferred method due to it being exciting to gain views, likes and sponsors on videos. All that’s required to start is a computer and some good content ideas. Try to create a

brand for yourself, and keep videos on a similar topic or theme. Videos such as challenges or product reviews are some of the most viewed videos, and have potential to make lots of money. When your channel becomes big enough to be profitable, then companies will come to you with advertisement offers. Youtube pays creators 1 to 3 cents per ad view, and if the video gets lots of views it can make up to $1000 on one video. Sponsorships are also possible. Brands can do a one time donation to have a segment of your video dedicated to giving them a shoutout or a good review. This can make anywhere from $10 to $50 for every 1000 views. This can make up to $50k as well from one video. But keep in mind that this is not guaranteed, and it might take a while to gain enough viewers and subscribers to be successful.

Overall, there are many good ideas for side jobs, and money making opportunities for a teen, including the ones found on this list, and many others

Ideas Included by other Chaparral Students:

Rose Winter, a Junior at Chaparral chose to start a small business that sells custom Jewelry products, after she realized she had a passion for making miscellaneous items. As she says, “Jewelry has always been the one accessory I’ve worn since I was little because it was a

way I could express myself.” She took her passion to another level though, when she later opened a shop on Etsy where she could sell these for a profit. But some challenges do appear too. “One of the biggest challenges would be buyers. I come across times where I don’t have any buyers and it’s really discouraging” she said. But for now her small business is doing very well and is getting lots of support from Chap students, as well as drawing in customers from all across the USA and even the world.