Senior college decision

Havard, Yale, and Cornell are always mentioned as the best schools in the country. But really the best school is the one that serves as the best fit to you. So when looking for college keep these things in mind, price, fit, and academic ranking. First I’ll start with price, which at most colleges will cost you an arm and a leg. A good goal is to work hard in high school and get scholarships to make college more affordable. In addition to that make sure you apply for financial aid. After finding how much aid and scholarships you want as well as if you want to accept loans that you will have to pay back over time. Then make sure to compare prices and find your cheapest and best option. In addition to the cost of attendance also look at the prices of dorms, textbooks, and more.

After comparing prices then take a look at the fit the college would provide. Things to consider with looking at fit are weather, safety, and possible clubs you can look at on campus. So if you like tropical weather you might not want to go somewhere like Minnesota. One suggestion would be to add the location of the schools you are looking at on your phone and occasionally look to see what the temperature is like in that location. Then evaluate which temperature you would like most and write it down. Safety is also a factor you should look at, evaluate what proctors have been put in place to keep students safe at campus. Also take a look and see how big the campus is. Make sure to ask yourself what is the ideal class size, and campus size for you. Do you want a campus with lots to do or a laid back small campus focused on learning? Take a look as well to see if the schools you are looking at will be full in person next year or if they could be remote due to Covid and once again ask yourself whether you want to go to a school that's fully opened or a school in a hybrid/online type schedule. Then try to find information on how good the professors are. To find info on this you can look it up on the school’s website, read reviews, or talk to an admissions representative. Finally make sure to gauge how you would fit in on campus. One way to do this is look at the clubs offer that cater to your main interests, and find if they offer a club in that area.

Lastly take a look at the academic rankings. Read stats to look at the graduation rate, how many students graduated in four years, and the job placement rate. The job placement rate is very important to look at because you are going to college in order to get a job one day. A great place to look for your schools ranking is this site tells you where your school will rank in general academics. Then if you know what major you want look at where your school ranks in regard to that major. Then factoring all this in, think about which school made you feel best. College is supposed to be fun, so just know wherever you go there is a fit for you!

This article was written by Dominic Fratino, class of 2021

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