SeMarion Humphrey

Family demands justice over severe bullying incident at a sleepover

A mother, Summer Smith from Texas has come out to the public and has made claims that her 13-year-old son, SeMarion Humphrey was allegedly bullied at a sleepover party he was invited to. Humphrey was bullied with slurs, shot with a BB gun, and was forced to drink a cup of what appears to be urine from a leaked video. Once Summer Smith saw this video, she immediately took to Facebook and posted the video saying that SeMarion’s classmates have bullied him and forced him to drink urine. Smith took to action as quickly

as possible hoping to gain justice for her son but received nothing. Summer says that for years her son has been bullied and she's reached out for help before but SeMarion Humphrey’s school, Haggard Middle School has done nothing. In fact, Humphrey’s attorney, Kim T. Cole has stated to CNN that, “SeMarion endured horrific bullying from football teammates at a Plano middle school,” A GoFundMe page was set up to help SeMarion enroll in a private school so that he could get away from the bullying his football teammates were inflicting on him. Cole continues on to say, “A couple of weeks ago SeMarion was ecstatic when a former teammate invited him to a sleepover. But little did he know what had been planned for him. While at the sleepover several white students shot SeMarion with BB guns. When he was asleep they slapped him, all while calling him racial slurs. And worse yet, they forced SeMarion to drink their urine” Cole believes that the actions of the boys who committed these horrible things to were “pre-calculated” and “racially motivated”.

"How horrible must you be," Summer Smith says at a news conference. "This is not a prank. This is beyond bullying. You are evil, they are evil." She continues to say.

Police state that the incident was reported on March 3rd. Neither did the police or the school district find or identify the victim. That Tuesday, the Plano Independent School District said that they would release results that coming week of an investigation into the alleged bullying that happened at the sleepover. On that same day, the superintendent of the school district, Sara Bonser, Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, and Chief of Police Ed Drain spoke at a news conference about the bullying incident. “Bullying, harassment, and acts of racism against Plano ISD students are abhorrent and will not be tolerated. There is nothing okay about harassment, there is nothing okay about bullying, and nothing okay about any act of racism." Bonser tells reporters. Plano Mayor, Harry LaRosiliere says, “I believe it's important that we shine a spotlight on this type of abhorrent behavior because the resulting dialogue is how we can work together to end bullying and racial abuse in our school and certainly in our community” Many people are outraged and have demanded that police do something about what has happened. According to The Shade Room, The Plano ISD officials have come out saying that they have started a full investigation and have every intention of identifying all criminal offenses that occurred. It is completely dehumanizing what 13-year-old SeMarion Humphrey had to endure and he deserves all the help he and his family can get. SeMarion Humphrey deserves Justice.

Story By: Hannah Trollope '22