Sandwiches in Parker - Hit or Miss?

Which 'wich is best?

With the dawn of a new school year, there are some mundane parts of life: early morning traffic, homework, masks, and social distancing as of 2020. Although most of these appear bleak, there are so many positives, like seeing friends, interacting, and most importantly, lunch-time. While social distancing, we can reunite with our friends after many months of quarantine. As high schoolers, most enjoy the privilege of leaving campus and eating whatever we desire. A very popular item on or off-campus is sandwiches. Ranging from PB&J’s to meatball subs, they are everywhere. Three particularly popular sandwich places students love to go to are Subway, Jersey Mikes, and Firehouse Subs. I had the privilege of going to these sandwich places to determine which has the best Italian sub.

Sandwiches are in a huge variety. There are all kinds. In my mind, an Italian sub pops into my head. I took the liberty of reviewing which sandwich place has the best. I visited Subway first and ordered the Italian BMT. For my Italian BMT, I took out the cheese, had the sandwich toasted, added jalapeños, mayo, honey mustard, lettuce, and spinach.

(An Italian sub I ordered with a decently organized appearance; vegetables are falling out.)

The pricing was a little over eight dollars. This was a very reasonable and low price for a foot-long.

Overall taste: 8/10 It was a very well-made sandwich. I ordered white bread that was unappetizing and just bland. For good bread, I recommend other places. Another minus was that there was too much sauce, making the sub salty. You can specify how much sauce you want on the app and in person. Because I ordered on the app, I couldn’t directly see and the employee and I had different opinions on how much honey mustard was appropriate for my sandwich. The saltiness of the honey mustard and blandness of the bread created a taste that was unappealing.

Appearance: 7/10 Overall, the appearance was underwhelming. The sandwich was squished and messy on the outside. The sauce became kind of soggy after 10 minutes and started to drip along with the lettuce and jalapenos. Everything was falling out. The wrapping was done so quickly that it was messy. However, none of these factors affected the overall taste, just visual pleasure. It was all in a paper bag that ripped very easily. However, the bag was recyclable, easily disposable, and more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Taste Rating: 8/10 After a while, I became full and there was too much sauce. I would eat it again but just make some improvements like toasting it more or getting different bread. Subway Rating: 7.7/10 Recommended for quick, customizable sandwiches. Very quick and easy. Subway is the place to go if you want to customize a sandwich. I would advise someone who wants a quick and customizable sandwich to pay Subway a visit.

Next stop: Firehouse Subs. I had ordered a small that was around 3-4 inches. Compared to the Subway footlong, the pricing was much higher and the sandwich was much smaller. It cost a little over five dollars. At Firehouse, you pay more for less.

(An Italian sub with slightly burnt edges, creating a warmer and crunchier appearance that pleases the eye and is very organized.)

Overall taste: 10/10. Extremely delicious. Definitely my kind of sandwich. It was more straightforward than Subway. It wasn’t really customizable like a set kind of sauces, vegetables, and side which was a pickle. For my sub, I took out the cheese and had everything in it. The bread was kind of burnt but this in no way affected the taste.

Appearance: 9/10, Unlike Subway, Firehouse Subs, put it in a box and a much sturdier paper bag. The sandwich was not crushed. It was barely burnt around the edges. It was easy to eat. Lettuce bits still fell out but it was so much cleaner than Subway and left minimal mess.

Taste Rating: 9.5/10 Definitely one of the best subs I have had. There was a perfect amount of sauce and it went perfectly with the pickle that comes along with the sandwich. You can request to receive a pickle if you specify.

Firehouse Subs Rating: 9.625/10

Definitely recommend it. It was a very delicious sub. You might want to go if you have a little more time or order ahead of time online. The taste and appearance were better than Subway. It took a little longer because the toasting was taking long. It was a very cold day which could have affected the machines that specific day.

Final place: Jersey Mike’s. It is closer to Chaparral than Firehouse but further than Subway. The pricing was by far the highest with a cost of a little over nine dollars for a

regular which was about six inches. More expensive than Subway and smaller. But, it was bigger than Firehouse sub. One thing I noticed was that you must go out of your way and specify if you want your sandwich toasted whereas at Subway they ask.

(A kind of bland looking sandwich that looks slightly disorganized but gives off a more comfortable vibe. )

Overall taste: 9.5/10. I don’t enjoy cold sandwiches but I forgot to ask for a toasted sandwich. It was completely delicious though! The set sauces matched my palate. Like Firehouse, there was a set sort of ingredients that you could choose from.

Appearance: 10/10 It was wrapped very cleanly. Minimal lettuce fell out. It was a little messier than Firehouse but much cleaner than Subway, because the lettuce was smaller and more fell out.

Taste Rating: 8/10 I enjoyed Firehouse more. I felt like this place was very similar to Firehouse. It was a very straightforward and set sandwich with little customization.

Jersey Mike’s Rating: 8.875/10 This is a very accurate representation of how I feel about Jersey Mike’s! Right in the middle of both Subway and Firehouse.

Out of all the sandwich places I visited, Firehouse Subs was the best. There was no bad place. I enjoyed all these sandwich places but would recommend Firehouse Subs the most for a delicious sandwich during lunchtime in the 2020-2021 school year.

Story by Joey Jung '23