Rise of the young and out with the old

Broncos wild 2 and 0 start

Broncos starting job

The Broncos have had a lot of trouble the past couple of seasons, primarily at QB. They have not had a lot of depth. Drew Lock has let the whole team down since his first start throwing for 3,953 yards and 18 interceptions. This is through one and a half a season, with only a 59% completion percentage.

On top of that, the team has not won a lot. This past off season, they signed Teddy Bridgewater. They assign him the starting job and he goes lights out the first two games throwing over 500 yards, 4 touchdowns and zero interceptions, along with a very high completion percentage.

Drew Locke Broncos Back up

Quarterback On the sideline

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Why is this?

Teddy is trying to make a mark for his career, he has not put up big numbers in his career because of his injuries. He’s been out so much time he hasn’t really been able to show the NFL what he really has in his arsenal. Noah Fant who has played well with the Broncos and has had over 1,300 yards in his first three seasons. Courtland Sutton has really made a name for himself racking up a total of 159 yards last Sunday on 9 receptions. He also has a career total of 2,055 yards. This team, which has struggled over the last couple of years, is now just getting started.

Teddy Background history

Throughout the years, Teddy has been a solid quarterback, but he has been injured much of his career. He has been injured four times in his career, and his most important injury was the non contact knee tear and knee sprain. He missed the rest of the season with that injury,

That changed his whole motive and has not played the same the last couple of years. He then stepped it up when he played for the Panthers, passing for over 3,700 passing yards and 15 touchdowns. Even though Teddy Bridgewater has not put up the most impressive numbers through his whole career, he still has something major to prove; I believe this is his year. In two games, he is already halfway to a

Teddy bridewater throwing the ball thousand yards and has thrown four

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Broncos coaching staff

Vic Vangio, the head coach, has been in the league for many years and has been under the ranks of nine different coaches. He has been a defensive coordinator most of his coaching terms, and the last couple of years he has been a head coach for the Broncos with a 15-20 record. Having a defensive coordinator as a head coach and a defensive coordinator makes the team have a great defense.

Ed Donatell has worked the last nine seasons with Vic and has proved the coaching staff has great chemistry. Pat Shurmur, the offensive coordinator, was previously a head coach. He has been in the higher ranks so he knows how to run the offensive with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Broncos Coach Vic Vangio Getting

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