Proposal Season!

Homecoming is right around the corner and you know what that means: asking the person you’ve had your eye on to go with you to the big night! But for those nervous nellies out there who just don’t know where to start, some of your fellow Chap classmates might be able to give you help!

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room. You need to decide who to ask first! Whether it’s someone you’ve known all your life or someone you just met this year. Once we get that out of the way, you have to figure out HOW to ask. This is where many people start to get a little nervous, but DON’T WORRY you’re not alone.

Start with a poster, you can’t just go up to the girl (or guy) of your dreams and ask them to the dance all willy nilly. You need to know how you’re going to approach the situation before jumping in. Going back to the poster, you need to have a theme for your poster. For example, if the person you wanna ask plays volleyball maybe you’ll put on the poster “I really ‘dig’ you. I’d love to ‘set’ up a date to… Hoco!” And in this case instead of a poster, you could write this out on an actual volleyball.

Once you figure out you whole poster situation, you have to actually work up the nerve to go and ask the person. This is the hardest part because everyone is afraid of rejection. But let’s just get one thing straight, getting rejected is not the end of the world. Yes it may sting a little, but don’t let it take a toll on your self confidence.

In the end just remember to be yourself. If you find yourself trying to back out before you ask the person just take a few deep breaths and just go for it!

Story by Bella Sequera

Photo courtesy of Haleigh Meinhert

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