Prices That Mummify You

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is seeing all the decorations around school and surrounding neighborhoods. Some houses go all out, while others stick for the more traditional cobwebs and spiders, regardless, it’s fun to see. For some families, going all out for Halloween is a tradition and it is fun for the whole neighborhood. From friendly jack-o-lanterns to scary clowns, decorating for Halloween can be a tough and expensive task to do each year.

In 2016, Americans spent an average of $82.93 on Halloween related decorations, not including costumes. However in recent years (2017 and 2018) people have been spending less money. Sophomore Kacie Shaffer likes to decorate her house for Halloween but finds she doesn’t spend much money on decorations and reuses hers from previous years. “I think we originally spent like $40 on decorations and now we probably spend about $30 every year for new things,” shaffer said. A common decoration people have to buy every year is cobwebs. This traditional Halloween decoration can be hard to save, so most end up repurchasing cobwebs annually. Decorators also usually purchase pumpkins to carve jack-o-lanterns which costs around four dollars each. The carving kit itself can cost an additional five to twenty dollars depending on the quality of the kit. Shaffer found that the most cost efficient thing was to reuse her decorations. Her favorite part of Halloween is the parties and scary movies which more or less involve decorating. Freshmen Minna Towery believes her family originally spent around $100 on decorations but finds her family “isn’t really big on the decorating” part of the holiday. The Towery family uses mostly lights to decorate, and they shop at Costco or Spirit Halloween, spending around $30 annually to buy new, up to date, decorations. Her favorite decorations include light-up spiders, lights, and fake pumpkins. Towery’s favorite part of Halloween is seeing who or what people decide to dress up as.

Like Shaffer’s family, Towery also reuses decorations to save money. “Decorating and celebrating Halloween is important to my family because it is something we can all do together and enjoy as a family”, stated Towery.

Arguably, one of the most important Halloween traditions is dressing up in costumes. When people get costumes they sometimes buy them at stores, or use clothes from their homes to make a costume. If you make your own costume, the prices will be much cheaper than a store bought costume. Costumes that can be bought at the store have a wide range of prices. A t-shirt costume can be bought for $20 dollars whereas a full blown costume can cost anywhere from $40 to $100. When making homemade costumes, supplies can be bought for cheap at thrift stores and dollar stores; which can save participants lots of money. If you are looking for the money saving option, there are many tutorials that can be found on how to make the best costume for cheap.

Halloween can be a costly holiday, if you don’t spend wisely. Decorations and costumes are a big part but when shopping make sure to look for the less expensive items or the things that are on sale. Whether you are spending $30 or $100, decorating for the holiday’s can be fun family time and the results will amaze people.

Story by Kyra O'Keefe and Tessa Gagliardi

Photo by Tessa Gagliardi

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