Poirier vs McGregor 2

Poirier vs McGregor 2

“I’ll knock him out inside 60 seconds”

Six years ago Conor McGregor finished Dustin Poirier in 1 minute 46 seconds into their first fight, this time, it was Dustin Poirier humbling McGregor. McGregor claimed he would knock Poirier out in 60 seconds or less, but his night didn’t turn out how he predicted it to be.

Since their matchup in 2014, both fighters have had huge success, Poirier having 13 fights going 10-2 and one no decision, and McGregor having 8 fights going 6-2. Poirier is a jiu jitsu styled fighter, ranked 2nd in the lightweight division and is the former interim lightweight champion. McGregor, the southpaw from Dublin, Ireland is known for his striking accuracy and power. McGregor also is the only person to simultaneously hold the featherweight champion and lightweight champion belt. McGregor also has 19 knockout wins in the first round and holds the record for fastest finish in a title fight (13 seconds). Despite McGregor’s success, it was Poirier who came out on top winning the fight in the second round via technical knockout. A technical knockout is when the referee decides a fighter is incapable to fight anymore. McGregor once again was the favorite to win, due to his dominant success in the first match up, his mind blowing records, and having the longer reach advantage on Poirier. The odds were closing in at -320 meaning to win a $100, fans have to put down $320.

The main event was a five round fight each round being five minutes. The first round was a win for McGregor on the judges scorecards. McGregor landed 15 significant strikes to Poirer’s 6, McGregor’s strikes hitting the head and body of Poirier, Poirier landed most of his shots to the leg and head of McGregor. McGregor looked completely loose and confident as always in the first round. In the second round however, it was Poirier who had the momentum and he took the advantage of the fight. It started with a brutal leg kick which left McGregor’s leg nearly broken and paralyzed after the fight, and landed every strike McGregor just could not avoid. The plan for Poirier was to box early and then transition into wrestling when capable of doing so, and hit McGregor with the brutal calf kicks. Poirier’s plan went to perfection, ending him and handing McGregor his first loss by knockout in his

UFC career. The score is now even between Poirier and McGregor, and the plan is to fight again in what would be one of the biggest fights in recent UFC history.

McGregor (Left) landing a straight jab on Poirier (Right) Photo Courtesy of: bbc.com

Poirier (Left) Knocking out Mcgregor (Right) Photo Courtesy of: Insider.com

Poirier’s rising success and surprising Saturday night has given him the chance to possibly go for another title fight soon. The current lightweight champion is Khabib Nurmagomedov who is 29-0, and has beat both Poirier and McGregor in championship fights. Nurmagomedov is currently retired, but Dana White the president of the UFC has been urging him to come back and possibly fight McGregor again. Nurmagomedov and McGregor was the highest profit fight from pay per view, and fans would love to see it again. Nurmagomedov does not seem to budge though, telling Dana White, “We both know none of these guys are on my level” after UFC 257. Poirier may also have the possibility to fight Nate Diaz, a highly talented wrestler, who is willing to take on anybody. Diaz reacted to Poirier’s win with a challenge which seemed to interest Poirier, leading him to say at the press conference Diaz would be an “intriguing to fight”. McGregor has some serious recovery time to do, but says he will be fighting again in 2021. That said, no one really knows who exactly he will be fighting. Jake Paul, a famous youtuber has been calling out McGregor for months, offering him a $50 million contract, calling out his wife, and making a mockery of him, but it is likely this match will not happen. A more likely opponent for McGregor would be Michael Chandler who called him out after his impressive UFC debut win against Dan Hooker. Chandler did not hold back calling out Nurmagomedov, Poirier, and McGregor after his win. Chandler with no doubt will have big fights coming up for him if he wants a shot at the lightweight championship. If McGregor comes back it will most likely be in the lightweight division, to work his way up the ranks for another possible title shot, or possibly move up a weight class to fight other opponents in the welterweight class. One thing is for sure however, McGregor and Poirier will be fighting again, and we will be seeing them both again this year.