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Ronnie DeGray III, heading into his senior year, has been one of the star players to the boys varsity basketball team for 3 years now. Averaging 21 points per game, 2.1 assists, 6.6 rebounds, 1.8 steals, and 1.6 blocks in his previous season, DeGray has been an impact to the teams success, and eventually leading them to the quarterfinals in state last year. Even though he has made a very impressive run, it was time for him to say goodbye to his career at Chaparral. For his senior year, DeGray was accepted into Woodstock Academy Prep School, located in Woodstock, Connecticut. “The opportunity was just too perfect not to take. Having a chance to start in one of the best high school prep conferences is a blessing” stated DeGray. DeGray has acquired 8 offers from different schools in Colorado and around the country, including one from the University of Denver and the University of Montana. DeGray would like to advance to an Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) school for his college career, and with Woodstock Academy being an east coast school, the close proximity and more opportunities for exposure will help achieve his goal. After competing at Chaparral for three years, he created many relationships with his teammates on and off the court. Senior Tanner Giles, a point guard for the varsity basketball team, was very close to DeGray. These two have been developed a close bond on and off the court, creating memories and positive results for the team. “Without Ronnie, we will definitely need to have the other seniors step up and fill in for the position that he had left, but if we stick to our plan, we can still get the ring for this season”. Not only had DeGray been close to his teammates he had also been close to the coaching staff, in particular Coach Truesdale. “Obviously he was a huge part of our team last year. I think he potentially had the chance to be Gatorade Player of the Year this season. There's a big hole there for sure but I also think we have other players that have an opportunity to step up. I think we can be right in the mix for a state championship. For us the goal doesn't change.” Truesdale expressed. All in all, it has been a great three years for Ronnie DeGray at Chaparral, and everyone in the school has his full support. He will be missed greatly but, he will never forget what it means to be apart of the Chaparral family.

By Zack Fechner and Evan Olson

Photo provided by Ronnie DeGray

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