Nintendo Nation

The concept behind “Chap Fam” is something that every student here at Chaparral has been taught to live by. The first thing that our school welcomes it’s students with each morning is the “Take Care of One Another” banner painted above the main entrance. We as a school want to create a place where every individual who walks our halls each and everyday, feels welcomed, supported, loved and appreciated. Nintendo Club takes all four of those components into consideration.

Noah Reedy, a third year member to the club, says, “If you’re interested in coming at all, just show up we are always welcoming new members”.

Nintendo club was created to allow students to come together while doing the things they love. They hold weekly meetings sponsored by Lindsey Pahs every Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm in room 506L.

“This club is important to have because it really strengthens the community as a whole and allows people to get closer. This is a place where people come after a long day at school, and it’s a huge stress reliever where we all can have fun”, explains sophomore member Dakota Moss.

During the Tuesday meetings the club members spend their time participating in weekly tournaments, and playing each other in the games that are popular and newly released.

“I know last year it was one of the first times we set up a calendar where we set up a bunch of dates to let students know what would be going on. We have this club so we are able to have fun and try to stay as organized as possible!” explains Reedy.

No matter who you are, there are clubs that will spark your interest and help you find your home here at Chaparral. So get out there and join the amazing clubs that are waiting for you, and who knows maybe Nintendo Nation will be your best fit.

Story by Imane Rafik & Alexis Levato