Night of Fright

October 31st is arguably one of the most stressful holidays for parents-so many things could go wrong in one night. One of the biggest questions they ask is whether or not to let their child go trick-or-tearing alone. The answer to that question depends on the child and where the child will be going. Over the years, Halloween night has changed; more items have become available to young adults and adults. A few of the biggest fears for parents are distracted drivers and tainted candy. Some suggest that ten years is too young to be going out alone on Halloween night, whereas others suggest that it is too old.

Ten years old is about the perfect age to be going out without an adult. By this age, most kids should know that if a stranger approaches you with something, you should say “no” and get away. Even if their parents aren’t with them, majority of the time, there are other people around. The majority of kids aren’t going to go trick-or-treating completely alone. Kids like to go with their friends, to just hangout and eat candy.

As for the concern of letting children trick-or-treat alone, the most important thing to remember is that children aren't by themselves. There are always going to be other people around especially on Halloween. Cars are usually pretty scarce on Halloween because not many people want to run the risk of hitting someone they don’t see. One thing that parents have to worry about that has come up in recent years is that certain drugs can be made to look like Halloween candy. These items can be packaged to look like regular candy, but they can be harmful.While the probability of a razor blade or needle is somewhat more likely to happen than your child eating a drug, it is still very low because of the amount of candy given out on Halloween. One thing parents might worry about is regular treats getting confused drug laced candy. This is a very unlikely situation because they aren’t cheap and not for sale in stores like King Soopers and Target, where a lot of people buy their candy.

Halloween is more stressful to parents than it should be. The probability of any of these things happening is very low. Parents should be able to trust their kids to go out with their friends for a couple of hours and get some candy. Other people will be out on the streets as wel with their kids, so if something did end up going wrong there would be people to help. If parents are still scared of the unknown than they can start out by following their child and eventually let them go. This doesn’t have to be the same night but it could be. Parents should be able to let their kids go without them sometime around the age of 10. Again this is dependent on the parents beliefs and also the child themselves. Regardless Halloween should be a fun night for all.

Story by Kyra O'Keefe

Photo by Kyra O'Keefe

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