New Parking Lot on Its Way

Students at Chaparral High school have been wondering what the new parking lot behind the baseball field is for. Athletics Director, Rob Johnson, says that the parking lot was made because there was not enough parking space in the other lots and students needed the space to park. Johnson also said that the parking lot will not be for any specific class, and a parking pass will not be necessary to park there. It ill be located right behind the baseball field and is near the football field so it is farther away from the school compared to the other parking lots, but is the same distance as the neighborhood. According to Jeff Beauchamp, the parking lot will be paved with black asphalt and it will be striped. Right now, the parking lot is still in the process of being built, however, it is just dirt right now but will be done by mid September.

Students at Chap have different opinions about the new parking lot. Junior Shawn Kruse thinks that the junior and senior lots are often crowded but the new parking lot doesn’t matter to him because he won’t use it. Junior Caleb Colvac believes that the parking lot will be good for space and says, “I think It will reduce traffic because there will be more exits.” Overall the parking lot will reduce traffic getting in and out of the school and will be overall beneficial. It will create more spaces to park when a student did not receive a parking pass or happens to be late for school. Most students are grateful for this addition but to some students it doesn't matter.

Story and photo by Dillon Herman, Dylan Waite, and Andrew Janeczek

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