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After just four short years, Chaparrals very own, Lyndey Brooks will be leaving the school, and starting a new chapter of her life in Florida. In January she will be packing her bags, to finally break the distance between her and her fiancé. As hard as it will be to leave Chaparral she says it is bittersweet and is excited to be getting married and living in Florida. She started at teaching at Chaparral fall of 2016 , but was a student teacher for Mrs.Kuntz in 2015, “ Well technically I student taught before I was hired, so I would compare that also because I feel like I had a little more control than most teachers in their first year. I wouldn't say there's a huge difference, but I would say that chaparral is a really great school where I felt really comfortable and supported by the faculty and the students. And they are really supportive so I feel like I have been pretty lucky compared to most first year teacher”, said Brooks. Even before she was officially teaching at Chaparral she was able to develop relationships with some of the students and faculty, making the transition even easier. Ms.Brooks has had a large impact on many students lives here, her bright smile, and infectious laugh makes coming to school everyday a bit easier, we can only imagine the joy she will bring her students in Florida “I really love teaching and it will be interesting to teach in Florida because i’ve always said I don’t know if I love teaching or if I just love chaparral. So it will be interesting to see if I teach at a new school if I love it as much as I do here because it will be a new school new kids and different teachers and all that.” Lyndey Brooks has given so much of her time, and love into her first years of teaching, that the school will always have a special place for her. She has always had the ability to connect with the students on a more personal level, being a trusted adult for many students. Her last words to Chaparral were “ I just would want to thank everyone for giving me such a great start to a long career because I hope to teach for a long time and I think I just got a good start here. I would just like to thank chaparral and the student I have had and I want to tell my younger students to get involved and just enjoy it because as a teacher getting involved and knowing my student really made it much more enjoyable. So that would be the big thing and just enjoy high school while it last because it goes by really fast. Thanks for tuning in.” Ms. Brooks has left a lasting impact on the school, and many people in it, her courageous teaching spirit, and loving personality will be missed, we wish Lyndey Brooks the best of luck on her next big adventure.

Story by Hannah Lee and Zack Fechner

Photo courtesy of Lyndey Brooks

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