Moving out at 18

Should people move out when they are eighteen is a debating question or not. Since you really aren’t under your parents custody anymore. There are two things that I would take into consideration before moving out. Do I have enough money to buy food and other appliances? Am I ready to move out and live on my own? When you are eighteen you are about to graduate high school and then heading over to college. If you are heading out of state for college then great, you don’t have to worry about living with your parents anymore. But if you are staying in state for college or getting a job, are you still going to live with your parents? In my opinion, moving out is going to be a big step in your life. If you have a job and make a decent amount of money and know how to live on your own then go for it. Rent a house or an apartment with some of your friends. But are you ready to. There are some things that you have to take into consideration. Moving cost, Prices of rent, Financial stability, Taxes, and finding a roommate to help pay and so you aren’t alone of course. Graduating high school is a big factor as well. You do not want to move out when you are still in school. Setting a goal after graduation and moving and fulfilling your career is a great choice. Develop a plan for moving out, put seventy-five percent of money into home and taxes and twenty-five percent on food and appliances. During a conducted survey of students here at Chaparral, 70% of students said moving out at 18 is a great idea and 30% of students said no you shouldn't. So mostly people agree on moving out at 18. Moving to college is considered moving out. You need to pay for your own food, gas, appliances and a lot more things. But you are still under a command of rules in the dorms and need to follow them. Officially moving out would be renting out a house. So moving out is going to be a big step in your life no matter if it is going to college or just getting a house or an apartment with a few of your friends. As said before, moving out at eighteen is a huge accomplishment in your life and helps you understand how living on your own is. You get to understand the world better and not to mention you get to live with your own rules and don’t have to worry about parents. But moving out at eighteen isn’t for everyone. You still may not be ready to make a huge steep in your life. Possibly taking a year off of college will be holding you back from doing that. Or simply just don’t want to leave your amazing parents behind. But overall it is your choice and what you feel is best for you!

The three girls are moving out with each other. One in the middle is lifting a box with personal belongings. Getting ready to move out. Photo Curiosity: WikiHow

Story by: Nikolas Roberts' 22