Missing Child Case Found By Police… After 2 Years

Police now are looking for 7 year old Harmony Montgomery after an anonymous report

A missing child report recently surfaced in late December 2021 when authorities finally learned about Harmony Montgomery, a 7 year old that went missing and hasn’t been seen since 2019, surprisingly with nobody flagging law enforcements. According to reports, Harmony was last seen in late October 2019 when child and family services swarmed her household in New Hampshire. Harmony's biological mother, Crystal Sorey, told news sources the last time she spoke to Harmony was over Facetime earlier in 2019. Crystal Sorey lost legal custody of Harmony in 2018 resulting from her struggle with substance abuse along with Harmony's father, Adam Montgomery, who then blocked off all contact with Harmony and himself around that same time.

Manchester police announce that this came to their recognition after receiving an anonymous report stating that Harmony Montgomery had not been seen since late 2019. The department also states that these circumstances surrounding her long absence are very concerning to them and the community. They assure to the family and the public that they are being thoroughly investigated. Authorities started a search of a home on Gilford Street in

Manchester, New Hampshire which they say is “a focus of the investigation because it is the last location where Harmony was known to reside before her disappearance in 2019.” This search led to Harmony’s father, 31 year old Adam Montgomery, being arrested on Tuesday, January 4th on charges

including felony second-degree assault. Missing Person poster for Harmony This charge was "arising from 2019 Montgomery. Photo Courtesy: ABC NEWS

conduct. against Harmony Montgomery,"

police said. On top of that, according to police reports, Adam was “charged with interference with custody and two charges of endangering the welfare of a child, both misdemeanors.” Montgomery has legal custody of Harmony but has not had her in his physical custody since November 2019.

According to an affidavit released Wednesday the 5th, Montgomery’s family members told police that they were concerned that Adam was putting Harmony in physical harm at the time. According to Adams' brother, Montgomery allegedly told him that “he gave Harmony a black eye and threw her around his house,” the affidavit stated. After hearing this, the brother notified the state's Division of Children, Youth and Families about the injury after he saw Harmony with a black eye in July 2019. The police found Montgomery sleeping in a car in Manchester on Dec. 31, a couple days before his arrest. This is when he "made some contradictory comments during our interaction which raised our suspicion and concern for Harmony's well-being," stated in the affidavit. Adam Montgomery then mentioned to police that he had seen Harmony "somewhat recently" but then continued to say that he hasn’t seen her since November 2019.

The current search for 7 year old Harmony Montgomery continues. Police are asking anyone with information to contact law enforcement. According to abc NEWS, “Manchester Chief Allen Aldenberg told reporters Monday police are assuming she is "alive and well somewhere," and that he hasn't seen anything to suggest otherwise yet.” Police also add and make it clear to the public that “part of this investigation will involve determining why it took over two years for Harmony to be reported missing.”

A reward for information leading to Harmony has reached $100,000.

Story by Dillon Herman '22