Marvel Mainstream, DC hidden?

What is the concept of Marvel and DC?

(Despite being pinned against each other, DC and Marvel do have crossover comics like this comic published in 1976)

Marvel and DC have been rivals since the 1960’s. Once these comics came out some of the more popular heroes were Batman, Thor, Superman, Spiderman, etc. DC had come out with its first comics 1939 and Marvel came out with its first comics the following year. Once DC came out with Batman, Robin, Superman, etc, those characters have become well known however, many other characters have not been as recognized. Some other characters in DC that you may not know include Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke, etc. Some DC characters are seen in shows such as Suicide Squad, Watchman and Teen Titans Go. Many of these shows are mainstream but, not everyone may know who these characters are from. These characters are a huge part of marvel/dc because they make every story different. Teen Titans Go includes characters from DC but, most people don't think that. Even though Marvel has been more popular in the movie industry, DC has recently started making progress. The new Wonder Woman came out, Joker, Batman but, Marvel still wins to most. DC Comics is more focused on the villains and heroes working together. In DC comics or movies, the villains have their backstory said and go more into detail about their lives rather than the villains. Marvel movies introduce a villain and wont go into much detail about them. There is a connection between the marvel a=characters and the fans that watch marvel, since DC isn't as popular, i'm sure there are characters many people haven't heard of. Another popular way to get Marvel and DC out was Lego. Lego video games, lego parts, lego comics, etc. In the lego video games, they include every character and introduce every villain as you fight against them, in Marvel and DC. Some pros and cons for DC could include that DC’s characters have more of a story behind their character development which is important for a good story line. A con could be that DC does not have as many movies made. Marvel has similar pros and cons however, marvel has more attention and is more known. The fact that Marvel is more known can be seen as important because everyone has seen the Marvel movies. People can talk about Marvel and many have grown up with Marvel.