Marching Band Takes on State

In marching band, almost every year since 2001, they made it to state. Almost every year they’ve made it to semifinals but a few of the years, they only made it to quarterfinals which is still very impressive. This year they made it to state and went to semifinals. Out of around 60 schools, they got 12th place. This was very impressive achievement for them, but they have done better in past years.

Sophomore Desiree Hernandez is part of the marching band color guard. This was the first time she had ever gone to state. “It felt amazing and it was just a very cool experience to go to state.” said Hernandez. She also said that getting 12th place was an alright placing for them but they had done better in past years. She said that she was very proud of herself and of her peers for doing so well in the competition. “The marching band doesn’t focus much on the place we get, but we focus more on our improvement and our work to get there.” said Hernandez. Senior Tyler Longfellow, is the section leader for the trumpets. This means that he leads all of the trumpet players. Longfellow has gone to state semifinals three times and went to quarterfinals once. He said that he was so proud of the marching band for doing so well this year. In Longfellow's opinion, Chaparral did pretty good this year and he is so proud of how everyone competed. Like Desiree Hernandez, he is also so proud of how much everyone improved and how hard everyone worked to get there.

Nick Hinman has been the band director at Chaparral for the past several years. He says that his marching band has gone to state semifinals eight times out of the last ten years. Chaparral’s marching band has been very successful. He said that he is very proud of his team for getting 12th place this year. He also said that this year the competition was very tough and that the schools in the competition this year were a lot better than they had been in past years. “The marching band competed so hard this year and worked so hard, and I am so proud of them for doing so well and making it so far.” said Hinman.

Chaparral did very good at state this year and the school couldn’t be happier about it. The marching band worked very, very hard to get to state and their work paid off. It must of been such and amazing experience for the marching band to get there.

Story by Dylan Waite

Photo by Dylan Waite

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