Justin Turner COVID-19

Baseball star faces backlash for not adhering to social distancing amid positive COVID test.

Just a few hours prior to the final game of the 2020 World Series, Justin Turner, the Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman, it was announced that he had a positive COVID-19 test, meaning that he would be unable to finish the series. To the surprise of no one, the Dodgers, despite not having their star third basemen, won the game, and the World Series. However, This is where the story gets interesting, after the final out, Justin Turner, who has shown COVID symptoms and even given positive results, rushed out on the field and celebrated alongside his whole team.

Shortly after the news was released to the public, the Dodgers organization and Turner received a ton of backlash from the media, and the people in attendance. Shortly after the news was released to the public, the Dodgers organization and Turner Turner, front and center, celebrates

received a ton of backlash winning the World Series with his

from the media, and the people in attendance. teammates. Photo courtesy of Yahoo Justin didn’t bother celebrating away from people, Sports.

he was popping champagne bottles, joining the dog pile and even posing for pictures on the field without a mask. It was only a few days later that the commissioner of baseball operations, Rob Manfred, started an investigation that found out that the MLB staff, present in the clubhouse with Turner had cleared him, and even encouraged him to rush the field and celebrate with his team. Turner released a statement saying, "I sincerely apologize to everyone on the field for failing to appreciate the risks of returning to the field," he said. "I have spoken with almost every teammate, coach, and staff member, and my intentions were never to make anyone uncomfortable or put anyone at further risk." Turner also stated that he should have waited until his team had cleared the field before celebrating. Turner, who has been in the MLB since 2009 will not receive any sort of punishment for his actions, according to the commissioner when he stated, "We all have made mistakes as we navigated these unprecedented challenges and have tried to learn from those mistakes so they are not repeated. With this in mind, I am closing this matter by applauding Justin for accepting responsibility, apologizing and making a commitment to set a positive example going forward.”

With the World Series long over now, we have new knowledge that no one else, who was on the field at the time Turner was celebrating, has shown symptoms or been given a positive test. Although there was a bit of a scare in the whole Dodgers and Rays organization, everyone is now safe and it was a lesson learned for all.

- Story by Luke Tenney '22