In N' Out Coming to Parker

Burger lovers, look no further- this coming summer, the popular West coast burger chain In-N-Out will be opening a restaurant in Parker. The fast food joint is expanding its horizons and chose to tap into Colorado to get more business. While the location is still to-be-determined, the announcement states that the decision to bring the burger joint to Colorado came shortly after the franchise decided to expand to other locations in the United States.

A representative for In-N-Out said that they “are excited to bring the classic West coast experience to Colorado.” The popular burger chain has 347 locations according to its website, but they can only be found in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. The location in Parker will serve as one of the first locations to open in the inner United States.

A statement also specified that while an exact location has not yet been decided, the restaurant will be placed somewhere in central Parker to be accessible to as many people as possible. The new restaurant was closely tied with a location in Denver, but the company decided to open in Parker to avoid major traffic and overload. Surely, this choice will please many In-N-Out lovers in Parker and surrounding areas, as the lack of locations in Colorado make it so that one cannot get their burger fix unless they travel.

The company says that once all of the details are sorted through, the restaurant should be set to open never. There will NOT be an In-N-Out coming to Parker, at least anytime soon- April fools!

Photo provided by Pointnshoot

Story by Katie Heffernan