Hunter Chevalier

For those of you who don’t know Hunter Chevalier, he is on the path to becoming a hero. He graduated December 21st, which happens to be a whole semester earlier then the rest of his class. In order to do so, he had to have a full schedule both his junior and senior year of high school. However, most high school students are allowed one off period junior year and two off periods senior year. He was working twice as hard to get an early start on his dream. When asked why he chose the Marine Core he said “ I chose the Marines because of the motto, which is “The few, the proud.” The Marine Core is the smallest branch of the military, yet it is the best. It is also the hardest.” At the moment Hunter is only a poolee, an individual who has signed up to be in the Marines but has not yet left for boot camp. “As a poolee I need to study and know my 11 general orders, the rank structure in the Marines, and the history of the Marine Corps.” said Hunter. Prior to leaving for boot camp the poolees have to take a test regarding this information and if they don’t pass they aren’t able to go. Not only does Hunter have a great amount of respect for Marines, he chose them because he wants to be apart of something bigger than himself and he wants to challenge himself. Hunter said “ I want to push my limits as far as they can go and then the Marine Core will push them even further.” Marine boot camp is 13 weeks which is the longest of all military branches. In the beginning they run an initial strength test which is a mile and a half run, how many crunches you can do in 2 minutes, how many pull-ups you can do, and a basic knowledge test on rank structure and the history of the Marine Core. Later on in the boot camp you learn how to rappel down towers and in a sense helicopters, swim with all the gear on, and become an expert shooter. A common saying in the Marines is “Every Marine is a rifleman.” During those 13 weeks he is only able to contact his family through letters. However, the brotherhood he will gain from being a Marine will help fill that void. “It is a brotherhood no one could ever experience outside of the Marines. The Marine Core motto is “Semper Fidelis”, which means always faithful. Once you become a Marine you are always a Marine. I haven’t earned that title yet but I am one step closer.” Hunter enlisted at 4 years active duty and 4 years reserve. During the reserve years he is still enlisted in the military but it will give him an opportunity to pursue a career or further his education. However, he will always have the option to change his reserve years to active years. Hunter leaves on February 4th to begin his challenging and long journey. Not only does Hunter have to leave his family for 13 weeks, but he has to go through intense training both physically and mentally. It is a lot to take in at such a young age, but leave it to Hunter to accomplish it.

Story by Addie Almeida

Photo provided by Hunter Chevalier

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