Homicide Case Of A Milwaukee Household

Six shooting victims in Milwaukee

In Milwaukee, on Thursday, January 27th, there was a tragic shooting that killed 6 people in a Milwaukee house on 21st and Wright. The 6 people inside the house were coming home from an unknown location. Later that night after coming home there were loud gunshots that echoed throughout the neighborhood. The victims of this shooting are five men and a woman; Charles Hardy 42, Caleb Jordan 23, Javoni Liddell 31, Donald Smith 43, Michelle Williams 49, and Donta Williams 44, were the victims in this tragic shooting. When police first arrived on scene they found 4 men and 1 woman were found in the house and a few hours later after the first victims police found another man that was sadly killed.

The additional victim was found around 3:45 on Sunday. Police do not think the shooting happened inside the house. 3 of the 6 victims lived in the house according to medical examiners. Milwaukee police haven’t released any info about a suspected shooter nor is there a motive for this shooting. All 6 deaths are being investigated for homicide. Photo Courtesy : NBC // 5 out of the 6

victims of the shooting. Ages 20-50.

An interview with an older woman named Family & Friends.

Alice who was the next door neighbor to the Williams explains a lot about the neighborhood and the people who lived there. Here is the interview ; Alice has lived in the neighborhood since 1993. She knew nothing about her neighbors but saw them leaving the house Saturday morning and returning Saturday afternoon. Alice said there was nothing to cause a disturbance. Often saw the neighbors, mostly older aged men outside talking, smoking and overall being friendly to each other and other neighbors. Much of the violence has been caused by two

or three groups of people feuding with each other but Alice doesn't know if that has anything to do with the bodies found on Sunday. Milwaukee police have been called to the neighborhood many times. In September, there was a call for drug dealing and gang

violence. Two months Photo Courtesy: Milwaukee Journal // House on 21st and

later a 24 year old man was Wright where the 6 victims were found dead.

killed on 21st street and another wounded due to a shooting. On January 27, 2022 4 people of interest were placed in custody “We are still trying to determine what their involvement was, if any, in this homicide - said Norman. Police believe that there were multiple suspects. Evidence shows that the shooting was targeted and it isn’t a death by suicide. The type of guns and the amount of guns are still being determined. Three of the 6 victims were on a witness list for a pending homicide case in Milwaukee Court. During the investigation a woman called 911 stating she was a victim of the shooting 12 hours before the authorities found the victims at the house on 21st street. Police do not think she was a victim of the shooting and her call is under “investigation”. May all of the victims rest in peace.

Story by : Nikolas Roberts ‘ 22