Hidden Talents of Chap

Many people don’t realize how much talent some of the students at Chaparral have. There is a wide variety of talents including art, sports, music, and some other unusual ones. Some of the talents are kind of strange, but all the talents are unique. Junior Delaney Bohn is very good at art. She makes sculptures and other things out of clay. She found out about this talent in her ceramics class, when the class was working with clay. Another person that excels in art is Junior D’angelo Qualls. He is very artistic and is good at drawing sketches. He discovered this talent when he was in his elementary school art class. Junior Logan Castilian has a musical talent and is able to play the guitar. She mostly plays acoustic guitar, but she is able to play electric guitar. “The notes on the acoustic guitar are very similar to the notes on the electric guitar so I can play both.”Castilian said. Many students here have a lot of athletic ability. One of these students is Sophomore Justin Looney. His main sport of interest is wrestling but he also plays baseball. Like Looney, there are many students here that are good at sports. Senior Jake Butler loves working with computers. He found his talent when he was a kid and was playing with computers. He even eventually learned to build computers. He plans to have and occupation that has to do with technology. A few students have some funny talents. For example, Junior, Jennifer Minor, is able to move her ears. Another person in our school that is able to do this is Junior Jakob Riddle. This may be kind of a unusual talent, but it is still a very unique one because not many people can move their ears. These talents are only a few of the many that some the students at Chaparral have. Some people may say that they do not have a talent, but everybody has something that they are good at. It would be great to find out about all the many talents Chaparral students have. If you would like to share your talent, tweet us @ChapCrierNews.

Story by Dylan Waite

Picture by Dylan Waite