Grammy's Recap

This is what you missed at the 2021 Grammy's Award Show

By: Aydan Damkoehler

The 2021 Grammy’s was filled with a lot of emotion, and controversy this year. To Dababy’s performance speaking on racial profiling, to Cardi B and Megan the Stallion’s controversal “WAP” performance. These are the highlights of the 2021 Grammy’s.

Many artists performed this year at the Grammy’s mostly consisting of pop, and hip-hop/rap artists. Out of the many acts, there were some that really stood out to the viewers. Both Lil Baby and DaBaby’s performances were eye openers with scenes and lyrics about police brutality and racial profiling. The setting Lil Baby had while performing his song “The Bigger Picture” shows burning buildings referencing the Minneapolis protests and lootings after the death of George Floyd. This song spread the message of police brutality everywhere. The song currently has more than 121 million views on YouTube. DaBaby and Roddy Rich performed their hit song “Rockstar'' which also spread the same message as Lil Baby’s song. DaBaby added a couple verses to the song which sent chills down viewers' spines. The verses DaBaby spit, also highlighted racial profiling. One line that was memorable was DaBaby saying, “Right now I’m performing at the Grammys, I’ll probably be profiled before leaving out”. Other big artists like Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Dua Lipa put on incredible shows at this year’s Grammys, but the most talked about performance would be Cardi B’s and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP”. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance got mixed reviews from the fans watching it. With no doubt they put on a show, but did they go too far? Most rap songs feature quite explicit lyrics, and there is no doubt “WAP'' does too. The performance was a little graphic featuring some flashy clothing and sexual dance moves, perhaps something you don’t want little kids to see. Different news sources like CNN and FOX have different views on their performance. Some view the performance more on embracing women’s sexuality and appearance, a very important topic, and some think the performance was utterly disturbing. Political commentator Candance Owens got in a twitter feud with Cardi B. ``WAP” was one of 2020’s biggest songs and earned a Grammy. Some viewers weren’t a fan, some loved it.

DaBaby performing his hit song “Rockstar”.

Lil Baby on the set performing his song "The Bigger Picture"

DaBaby performing his hit song “Rockstar”.

Lil Baby on the set performing his song "The Bigger Picture"

The drama of the Grammy’s doesn’t stop there. A lot of celebrities expressed their emotions on how they feel the Grammys are rigged. Over the years, people think a lot of artists were snubbed of a Grammy. The Weekend, one of the biggest artists last year, even performing at the Super Bowl, didn’t even get a nomination. One of the biggest surprises was the Melodic Rap Performance award. The nominations were Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room”, Roddy Rich’s “The Box”, Drake and Lil Durk’s “Laugh Now Cry Later”, DaBaby and Roddy Rich’s, “Rockstar”, but the winner was Anderson .Paak’s “Lockdown”. Combined, the other four nominees had over 1.508 billion streams on Spotify to Anderson .Paak’s 5 million. Besides some of the controversy there were some great highlights at this year’s Grammys.

  • Megan Thee Stallion won a couple Grammy awards for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance,

  • Taylor Swift won Album of the Year for Folklore

  • Billie Eilish won Record of the Year

  • Beyoncé won Best R&B Performance

  • Harry Styles won Best Pop Performance for “Watermelon Sugar”

  • Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

  • H.E.R won Song of the Year for “I Can’t Breathe”