Giving Back to Those in Need

Community service is a substantial way to give back to the community. For many, it is a way to create joy in others’ lives while helping themselves out too. Giving community service not only helps the people who are given to but the people who are giving both mentally and physically.

Community service is mandatory for all Chaparral students to graduate. Students need 20 hours of community service by their graduation time. This allows the students to act selflessly and realize they should be grateful for what they have. Chaparral students do have guidelines on what community service they do. You cannot have more than 5 hours for a school team, club, activity, or faculty member. You cannot get paid for your act of service and you can’t perform community service for any family members. All the guidelines are listed on Chaparral’s website under the community service tab or on the community form sheet you need to fill out and give to the counseling office.

There are many different types of volunteer opportunities to fit with everyone’s interests. If you are an athletic person who loves kids and sports you can volunteer to be a youth sports coach with Parker Parks and Recreation. You can go to the Parker Parks and Recreation website and go to the volunteers tab to see what sports volunteers are needed now. Sagewood Middle School is looking for sports volunteers on December 14th to help with some of their games. If you love books the Douglas County Library in Lone Tree is looking for volunteers to help with Battle of the Books starting in January. The Douglas County Library in Lone Tree is also looking for volunteers to help with “A Visit with Santa” on December 17th. If you are interested in law or politics teen court is always an option. More information on teen court opportunities is on the City of Lone Tree website. If you love horses or animals you can volunteer with Rosie’s Ranch and help teach kids how to ride or become a camp counselor for their horse and pony camps. Rosie’s Ranch loves having high school aged volunteers to help out and are open with their hours.

There are various different ways you can collect community service hours. It’s recommended to do something you love and are interested in because it will help you actually complete the hours. Community service can actually be fun and it will help you feel so much better about yourself. Just knowing you impacted someone else’s day and made it better helps your day be better. For a list of other volunteer opportunities you can visit and it will give you a list of opportunities in Douglas County. Seniors, don’t forget your community service hours are due before graduation in order to graduate!

Story and photo by Aubrey Bowlus

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