Fall and Winter Fashion Trends and Predictions

Bold prints, Neutral colors, and statement bags are what is bringing 2020 fashion to a close

Fashion has always been a big part of culture everywhere. During this global pandemic, people have been focusing on fashion more because they have nothing to do. The biggest part of fashion is keeping up with the trends. Here are the predictions for the upcoming winter fashion trends.

  1. Bright Color Suits

There are rather bold fashion statements. However, it fits perfectly with being your own boss, running your own world. This hot new fashion item ties in perfectly with a plain or neutral tone handbag, preferably a small one. As seen by the models below, these suits require lots of confidence which is perfect for 2020 and the new year. We all need lots of power to end this scary year strong and start the new one powerfully.

Below: Models demonstrating the power of bold colored suits

2. Brown Leather Coats

These coats match basically any outfit. From jeans and a t-shirt to a dress, they fit into any occasion. You can also cinch in the waist to create a leather dress. These brown leather coats are much less eye-catching than the suits. However, nonetheless, they are still very beautiful and are definitely going to be a hot item this upcoming winter.

These brown leather coats are easily customizable, as demonstrated below

3. Neutral Tones are BACK!

Although bright color suits are definitely going to be trending, natural tones are very popular. They fit in perfectly with the calm vibe of winter and match almost any aesthetic. Natural tones also match with each other so they are an easy yet highly fashionable outfit for the day. During these stressful times, especially with finals and what is called new-year stress, these calm and appealing colors are the best. These natural tones make for a cute yet extremely simple outfit.

Below: Natural tones are suitable with any outfit and situation

4. Wide leg trousers paired with boots

This outfit goes perfectly with a fashionable and loose overcoat. Unlike the other trends that are basically revivals of past trends, this is a completely new one that allows you to venture outside of your comfort zone and discover new styles. It is absolutely beautiful and should definitely be a must on your list of outfits to try this winter.

Below: These pieces are bold and allow so much freedom and choice to the wearer

5. Animal/Tiger Prints

Tiger prints have always been wandering in and out of style but they are back! You can experiment with colors and patterns with this specific style. Tiger prints are in dresses, pants, shirts, headbands, scarves, purses, coats, and so much more. This trend is an old one but a good one that also allows one to see what is out there in the fashion world and try new things. Be careful though because tiger print can be very tricky and one wrong fit could create a fashion disaster.

Below: These models show the power and boldness of tiger print throughout different outfits

6. Vibrant Handbags

This again goes with the theme of feeling bold this year. It allows one to express themselves and show their boldness and confidence. It goes with a natural colored outfit or an outfit that allows the bag to really pop. Preferably, the bag would be small enough to tuck under your arm. Matching this with a coat is super cute and keeps you warm this winter. So, you can feel really cool strutting through the hallways or sidewalks or wherever with a cool, new, bright handbag under your arm.

Below: These bags are great for any situation and purpose

7. Chain Necklaces Matched with Hoop Earrings

Gold or silver, whatever matches with your outfit is allowed. It draws lots of attention to your face so it looks really good when paired with a cute pair of shades or glasses. It can be a very modest look or very fashionable and fancy. Honestly, this chain necklace and hoop earrings gives so much freedom.

Below: This jewelry combo goes with any outfit, as long as you have the confidence.

-Story by Joey Jung '23

All images from Vogue France