Entrepreneurship in Chap

Creating your own business can be very difficult, especially as a high school student. It takes countless hours and lots of hard work. Junior Cade Mitchell runs her own spray tan business “Bronze Spray Tans” where she works as a spray technician. Another Chaparral student, Senior Grace Devries owns her own photography business. She takes senior portraits, family photos, and headshots.

Mitchell explained “I love the beauty industry and helping people feel confident about their body. My mom owns Ivory Med Spa and she gave me a spot to work in her salon.” While she pursues what she admires, she also gets to enjoy the income she earns. Mitchell charges $30 for a single session, $25 dollars if you bring a friend, and also gives out monthly specials such as the weekly discount which is $20. She believes she makes far more money owning her own business than she could at a regular high school job. Mitchell said “I think I’ll continue to run Bronze Spray Tans until after my senior year.” She promotes her business through social media and business cards. To look more into Mitchell’s business, you can follow her Instagram account @bronzespraytans.

Devries advertises her photography business on her Facebook and Instagram accounts, along with mentioning it to it everyone she knows. “I charge $100 for senior photos and family portraits, and $75 for college announcement shoots and I will be doing a spring sale when it gets warmer.” she says. She plans to stick with her business for as long as she can. Devries explained “I do not earn more money with this business as I would a normal job, but since it is so flexible and I can do it on the side of any normal job and make a lot of extra income.” Owning your own business can have its perks whether it’s the convenient hours, pay, or just so you can seek something you love. “I love everything about my photography business. I love hanging out with people and making them laugh and smile. I really enjoy editing pictures and seeing the people I shoot smile and be able to help them love themselves and be confident that they are beautiful!” You can learn more about her photography business on her website! http://gracedevries7.wixsite.com/gdevriesphotography/book-online or on her Instagram @gdevriesphotography

Story by Reagan Taylor

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