Efcharisto Greece!

After coming back from spring break many Chaparral students are eager to share their stories of their time in Greece. Now, planning a trip this big, full of days full of activities does need a lot of advanced preparation, at the beginning of the year Ms. Sierra and a few other faculty members planned a trip open to all Chaparral students interested in learning what a day is like for the people of Greece. Acting like traditional tourists these Chaparral students traveled all over the place whether that be traveling on boat, on foot, or even by riding horses down narrow pathed sidewalks. One of the places they went which allowed them to ride a cruise ship to their next destination was Kusadasi, they went to the top hill which gave them the most “breathtaking view of the whole town,” explains senior student Terra Koontz, It was quite the adventure! The cruise took them to different destinations like, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, and Santorini. Those places held some of the most important landmarks and all traveling students got the opportunity to visit ruins like Acropolis and Parthenon. Senior student Ashley Brooks says that it was “ the time of my life, an experience I will not forget and an opportunity I hope more students take advantage of coming the next school years”. Ashley and her fellow peers did things like riding camels, visiting shops along the streets and getting a taste of Greece culture. For junior student Nicole McCarthy, her most favorite part was “trying the different foods,” like her, most students had a huge interest in jumping out of their comfort zone and eating genuine Greece cuisine. One of the activities these Chaparral students took apart of was an olive tasting. Olives are an essential part of many Greece meals combining different meats and spices. For the students who loved the meals, they sure did get their fair share of olives. Many of the seniors that went said that it was “a great way to bring our high school experience to a closure,” explains Senior student Samantha Shabbing.

Thanks to Zafiro Experience, all students got the once in a lifetime experience and got to eat and dress in the traditional Greece clothing. Just like in a Greek wedding, the students took part in a traditional ceremony. They had food that was divine and desserts that were even better. Seniors Samantha Shabbing and Blake West were offered to learn a traditional dance the people of Greece share. They had a great time showing what they learned and filled the room with laughs as they tried to mimic the talent of the professionals. Next all students joined in for a final ceremony dance, one in which they began to smash plates on the ground.This trip enabled students in opening their horizon and trying new things, and experience a culture unlike their own, the teachers and advisors that took part in this expedition wish for a promising future for the students, one that teaches them what other cultures are like and to always be welcome to new beginnings.

Story by Jade Gurule

Photo courtesy of Ashely Brooks

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