Dutch or Starbucks, Which is superior?

Dutch Bros and Starbucks are the most popular coffee places here in parker but which one is better overall?

Many students every day come in with Dutch Bros or Starbucks in their hands. Both companies are inescapable within school. Starbucks and Dutch Bros are both widely known coffee places, Starbucks is known for having many stores almost everywhere; Just in Colorado, there are 481 Starbucks locations. Dutch Bros coffee store has 11 stores in Colorado and is popular in Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho.

Starbucks and Dutch are both enjoyable places for various reasons. These places offer great drinks for a morning coffee run or even a cold beverage on a hot summer day. Whichever street you turn you are almost bound to find a Starbucks or Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros originated in Grants Pass, Oregon on February 12, 1992. Dutch Bros is a privately owned company that has amassed 421 locations in the world over the years, and 16,500 employees. If you have ever been to a Dutch Bros you have probably experienced all the happy faces that are there to help you. The Dutch Bros on S. Parker Road is a drive-through, with no inside seating area. At the drive thru, the employees will come to your car and take your order. Music can often be heard while you wait for your order to be ready, too. If you are not in the mood to wait in the drive-through line you can walk to the front and order from a window. Every Dutch Bros offers a super positive environment that is welcoming to all coffee or drink-loving people.

Starbucks originated on Seattle's historic Pike Place Market, on March 3, 1971. Starbucks is arguably the most famous coffee store in the world. The company has around 33,000 stores across the world with around 350,000 employees working for them. Most Starbucks stores have a more modern design to them that is very pleasing to the eye. Starbucks is more of a sit-in store with almost every location having a place to sit down and work. They also do offer a drive-through option. Most Starbucks are less personal, however, they still offer good service.

Starbucks has 99 fewer items than what Dutch Bros offers, giving Dutch Bros a wider range of menu items. The Dutch Bros menu has an astounding number of 259 menu items, while Starbucks offers 160 menu options. Even though Dutch is labeled as a coffee shop they have options for everyone. They offer energy drinks (40), lemonade (30), dutch soda (37), and frosts (66), which are things Starbucks does not provide. They also have lots of coffee options for people who like more simple coffee drinks. Starbucks offers more coffee items but that's about it besides refreshers and teas. The Dutch menu is great for any day and if you're not feeling like you want coffee they have hundreds of other options to choose from.

Dutch Bros is also the cheaper option between the two. At Dutch Bros, a large (32 ounces) cold brew is priced at 4 dollars. At Starbucks a Trenti (31 ounces) cold brew is $4.75. While it is only a 75-cent difference, if you are paying for coffee every single day the price adds up over time. Though every other non-coffee drink at Dutch is way better than what is offered at Starbucks.

The time these stores open is another reason why Dutch Bros is superior to Starbucks. Dutch Bros opens at 5 am and closes at 11 on Friday and Saturday, and closes at 10 on the weekdays. Starbucks opens at 5 am and closes at 8 pm every day of the week. So if you're looking for a late-night drink Dutch bros will still be open, for a 10 pm coffee run.

Dutch Bros takes the cake with being better overall. The 99 more menu options make it infinitely better, as people who love options have almost 260. I also think that the overall taste of Dutch Bros is better than Starbucks. If you haven't been to Dutch Bros I recommend checking it out sometime.

Story By: Alexa Green '25